Best Battery Cases for iPhones, Pixels, and LG

Best Battery Cases for iPhones
Best Battery Cases for iPhones

Battery cases are useful for you, not only they keep your phones charged they also provide safety to your mobile phones.

Best Rated Battery Cases.

It is indeed a tough job to carry bulky portable chargers on your daily routine. Battery cases provide a great alternative to it. We are going to list down the best battery cases of 2019.

Listing the best battery cases

  • Alclap Google Pixel 3 Battery Case.
  • NEWDERY LG V30. 
  • Mophie Juice Pack Access.
  • Apple Smart Battery Case.
  • Trianium Atomic Pro.

Alclap Google Pixel 3

A charger for your Google Pixel 3, this battery case can keep your phone charged and increase the battery life to up to 125%. With a 4700mAh battery, this google pixel battery case has a compact and handy look so that you can carry it along anywhere along with your phone.

Alclap Google Pixel 3 Battery Cases

We mentioned the compact design earlier, and another thing to notice is that it is light weighted. The front bumper is solid to covers your screen enough to protect it. Simple and easy to use, you can read the battery percentage of the case from the 4 LED lights displayed on the battery case. You can buy this device from Amazon.


This makes its way in the list of the best battery cases, one for the LG V30 users. The design is simple and thin It isn’t compatible with wireless charging. Newdery does not support wireless charging, but the 4,200mAh battery will recharge your phone completely on the go.

NEWDERY LG V30 Battery Cases

The battery case adds your battery life to 100% and supports USB C charging. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the device’s design protects you from any mishaps such as scratches, bumps, etc. But it on Amazon.

Mophie Juice Pack: iPhone X & XS Max

Mophie juice pack is made to recharge the iPhone x and XS max. Allowing you to extend the battery life of your phone to 25 hours. Especially keeping in mind that the iPhone X and XS Max has a bigger battery as compared to the other ‘Apple’ designs, this is just the perfect thing you need to stay connected. Get your device now from Walmart. With all the options we had, this was the best iPhone X battery case that is available in the market.

NEWDERY LG V30 Battery Cases 1

Apple Smart Battery Cases

This one is the official battery case from Apple. If you have an iPhone X and XS, 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max we would suggest that you go with the Mophie Juice Pack, which is a third party device but it can certainly recharge the bigger battery.

Apple Smart Battery Cases

The battery capacity is 2365mAh, it is MFi certified and can charge your device to the full. One great advantage is that you can use Lighting headphones and earbuds due to the new introduction of the lighting spot. Get your product from Walmart.

Trianium Atomic Pro

Another pick that’s compatible with iPhone., but only with iPhone XR 2018. Amazingly, you can charge the case and phone together with the help of Micro USB cable. This is obviously a great feature as you do not have to rely on the traditional Iphone’s lightning cable.

Trianium Atomic Pro

As much as it is good in terms of performance, the design is attractive as well. A slim body despite a good 3500mAh battery. It includes the wireless charging compatibility meaning you could use the wireless charging pads as well. Sleek design making the device pretty handy. Trianium Atomic pro keeps your mobile phone protected from any physical damage, moreover, this also has the battery indicator lights on the casing. Takes up to 7 hours to get to full charging, easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty. This product is must buy. Available on Amazon.

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