Best Horse Clipper Reviews in 2020

Best Horse Clipper

Horses are gorgeous and majestic animals that have captured the hearts of adults and children alike. Horses have been featured in documentaries and movies since the first black and white silent screen television documentaries

They have been parts of battles from the time when humans used them in armies for their cavalry units during conquest for thousands of years. 

Today though, they are used for teaching people how to ride and take care of the horse and used as a status symbol for those who can afford to take care of them.

Horses require a lot of care and need to be properly taking care of. The horse requires check-ups like humans, and they need to be properly groomed as such as taking care of their hair and mane.

Best Horse Clippers Reviews.

Wahl Professional Horse Clipper and Grooming Kit

Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus Equine Horse Clipper
Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus Equine Horse Clipper

This kit is great in grooming when grooming horses. This clipper set is perfect for trimming the area where the bridal is placed, as well as the facial area and around the ears on the horse-and can even be used to trim or shave light body hair on the horse.

This set because it has several remarkable features that are needed to protect the horse during the grooming process. Such as a how-to video to help those who are grooming their horse to properly use the clippers in the right way as not to hurt the horse and ease the nervousness of the individual who is doing the grooming.

The kit also contains brushes and a blade guard to protect the horse, and give the desired look when finished. And the clean up is easy because the kit has a brush that can be used to clean the clippers after each use.

The best part of all is that when you use this clipper set is that the grip fits perfectly in anyone’s hand, which allows for the one who is doing the cutting to have an awesome experience grooming their horse.

And if you experience any problems with the kit, it has a two-year warranty which protects your wallet and getting a replacement quick and easy.

Oster Pet Clippers

Oster Pet Clippers
Oster Pet Clippers

This an awesome and very effective clipper set to use for horse grooming. Giving that awesome look to your horse is easy and quick.these clippers have more power and faster blades, which allows for clipping and grooming the horse in much lesser time.

These clippers can also be used for other animals other than a horse. You can also use it as a compliment as well to use on domestic and other livestock animals, .which will save money in the long run, which I love.

Another impressive and important feature that really gets me fired up about these clippers is the time it takes to change out blades with ease.

Time is of the essence when the horse is being groomed, so the fact that I can change blades quickly and effortlessly is a blessing.

And the kit comes with everything needed to trim and cut the horses mane. What it includes is a blade replacement, oil, brush, and a cleaning brush just for the clippers. Very impressive.

Now I can not overlook what I believe is truly impressive as well with this clipper set, and that is the power it has. It has only two speeds, and the one you choose will be powerful enough to get the job done. Because of the higher level, the greater the speed, which can give anyone a faster and more efficient cut.

Wahl Professional Horse Cordless Clipper Kit

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine Horse Cordless Clipper
Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine Horse Cordless Clipper

The family at what does create clippers for anyone and any animal. when it comes to those who want to groom their horses, then they will love this fantastic horse clipper.

The first thing is in its use of being portable. This clipper set has no cord. It is completely cordless, and anyone who uses it can move with no interference from that pesky cord getting tangled around there horse or themselves.

It also can trim around the area where the horse bridal is located. And it can do it without spooking the horse due to its ability to generate less noise.

Keeping the horse from getting anxious from the sound of the clippers.

And for those who love to save time well, this is a time saver due to the battery charger and the charger it comes with. The battery has over an hour charge life when fully charged, which definitely saves time from going grooming a horse. When finished, put it on the charger and forget it until its needed nxt time.

And the best part for anyone who may be worried about comfort when using it to groom the horse.

It has a comfortable grip that fits in your hand, and anyone who uses it will enjoy how much pain-free it is when it fits in the palm of the hand.

Andis ProClip

Andis ProClip 2 Speed Detachable Blade Clipper
Andis ProClip 2 Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

For those of us who want a profession cut for our horses without paying the price to take it to a professional, then this is ideal for the horse owner.

Two things I think truly sets this clipper set apart from those cheaper and less effective clippers is the design and how smooth and quiet this clipper works.

The design is very awesome; it has a quick and easy process in changing the blade and cleaning it, which is cool when you have to do it multiple times. 

And it is perfect for those who groom horses on an everyday basis. I love it when I go to groom my horse.i get the perfect cut and the perfect look for my horse every time.

Another feature I really love it when I use it if I drop it won’t break. The clippers are shatterproof, which saves me from having to buy another one every time I drop it.

And the motor that’s in it, what can I say. It really gets the job done. I can depend on it to start right up and get to work.

And if someone doesn’t know where to begin, then they will find a DVD that comes with it that will show them directly how to do it.

Oster Clipmaster

Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine
Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine

Yes, they finally did it. This set of clippers outperforms those cheaper clippers by a mile.when they made these clippers they made it with the highest quality materials to give people like me the best clippers around bar none

These clippers are lightweight, which will not feel heavy in your hands while you are grooming your gives you complete control, and it gives people the feeling like they are a professional even when they are not.

It’s durable and lasts a long time. It is even shatterproof for those who can’t hold on to things without dropping it, .which will save you money every time.

The power that these clippers have is unbeatable. And with the variable speeds that these clippers have. The ability for these clippers to get up and go with each change of the speed will leave you breathless.

The grip on these clippers as well are designed in a way that when you hold it, it feels so right. Fits perfectly in my hands.makes me feel like I’m holding air.

And the toolbox that comes with it is like a miniature tackle has trays that can be taken out and much much more.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers 

Oster Golden A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clippers
Oster Golden A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clippers

This clipper set is one I really love and for several reasons. One is a versatile clipper set that has several functions that I love so much like its two-speed motor that is very powerful. The speed increases with a change at each level.

It can also be used for different animals that are both domestic and livestock as well. Grooming an animal with this clipper is easy and straightforward, and it will make you look like a pro when you are finished.

The blades for this clipper set is totally detachable. It makes safety a priority with this company for those who use this clipper set.

It works well for those who own pets and want to trim and groom them by themselves. And with how it works the quality and precision that it gives. The person doing it a sense of accomplishment and pride.

And if you have that problem with being a Butterfinger dropping stuff, you will love this, because not only is it literally unbreakable, if you leave it laying around and the dogs get a hold of it they cannot destroy it.they can not chew it up and string it everywhere.

How to Pick the best Horse Clippers

When you have a horse, and you want to take care of it. It is important to get the right clippers to do the job when grooming horses. There are so many to choose one, but you have to look for the best that is out there.

When looking for the right clippers, look for…

  • Weight. Is it light or heavy?
  • Shatterproof. When you drop it, does it break?
  • Performance. Will it do the job.
  • Cut. will it make a wide cut.
  • Is it cordless? And what’s the difference.

Weight-is it light or heavy?

The weight of the clipper is a feature that you must consider. For a reason alone, when you are standing there for awhile grooming your horse, it can take a toll on both your hands and your feet.

Many times people will grab some clipper and start grooming their horse only to find out that their wrist hurts from holding it for longer periods of time.

When people who use clippers that are bulky and oversized, they have to take extra time to groom their horse.

So in deciding to get a lighter in weight clipper, lighter is better.

Shatterproof- when you drop it, does it break.

Envision someone grooming their horse, and somehow they make the wrong mover or nick the horse. That horse more than likely is going to make a move that can cause someone to drop their clippers.

Looking for shatterproof clippers is the only choice you can make. The cheaper clippers they make may say they are shatterproof, but in reality, they really didn’t test it for endurance.

Making sure that you get your clippers from a reputable manufacturer that uses only the best in materials is the right thing to do. Cheaper is never better than quality.

Cut-will it make a full cut?

When choosing your clippers, make sure to find one that can give you the wide-cut you need when grooming that majestic animal.

The wider, the better. The reason being you don’t have to keep the horse perfectly still for a long period of time when using clippers with a wide cut.

If someone is using a model that has the regular cut, then that means that the horse will have to stand there longer, which will become restless and try to move. The other thing with the shorter stroke is that it will take you much longer to groom your horse, which means a longer time for you to stand.

Is it cordless? And what’s the difference.

What is the difference between cordless or one with the cord? What an easy question and the answer that I can give you is one word…Mobility. When using a clipper with the cord, you can be limited in what you can do. If the horse moves fsr enough, then you cant groom the horse because you are restricted how far you can move.

But with the cordless, you can move anywhere the horse moves, and you can make those cuts that a clipper with a cord can not.

So choosing one that is cordless is definitely the right choice.

In closing, there are several things you must consider when choosing the right clipper for the job

The comfort and security are of the utmost importance to the horse. Using the right clippers for the right job ensures a better experience for the horse and making sure using it right as to not cut the horse during the grooming process.

By nicking the horse or cutting it will break the skin, and if any bacteria or germs get inside the cut, it could cause an infection and a trip to the choose the right clippers for the job.

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