Stylish And Trendy Mustache Styles For Men!

Best Mustache Style For Men
Best Mustache Style For Men

Men like to keep themselves well above the stylish line. Hence, their dressing, hairstyles, and beards are always something out of the ordinary. Same with the mustache, while white men would keep it dense and overgrown. Men prefer their mustache to be small and even trimmed from time to time.

Popular Mustache Styles For Men

Black men keep their mustaches in check, preventing their looks from being too shaggy. All most all of them keep their mustache trimmed and perfectly carved, all that with contrasting hairstyles and beards. Here is a list of top trendy mustaches that you can keep to enhance your style.

#1 Pencil Mustache

A thin layer of a moustache just above your upper lip line. As the name suggests, the mustache looks like it has been carefully sketched using a pencil. It’s so thin and you have to take care of it by trimming or plucking the overgrown hair. Black men look classy in this style.

Pencil Thin Mustache Styles

#2 Painter’s Brush

The first one in the list was named pencil, this one brushes. Mainly, since it is a thick and straight line of hair just like a paint brush’s stroke. This style is a classic old man’s style and gives a decent and professional and fashionable look to your face.

Painter’s Brush Mustaches

#3 80’s Chevron

A highly popular look in the 1980’s almost all actors, musicians and celebrities adopted this style. The mustache is styled in a manner that it looks like an arrow pointing upwards to the nose. Carefully shave the rest of the facial hair and enjoy this clean and neat antique look.

Chevron Mustaches

#4 Goatee

Also known as the french style beard Goatee is one of the evergreen and trendy moustache style. This mustache is linked to your beard that reaches out around your lips and chin., keeping the sides clean shaved. The goatee is now more popular than ever as a facial hairstyle for young black men. Not only among the black men but most of the celebrities and professionals are wearing this style.

Angled Mustache Goatees

#5 Short and Sharp Mustache

Nothing too heavy and thick on your face, just a sharp and thin line even shorter than the pencil styled mustache. The mustache is trimmed and prevented from reach out from the sides of your lips.

Short and Sharp Mustache

#6 Horse Shoe

Remember the famous hulk hogan facial hair? This one does not only suit white men looks equally good on black men. For this style, your personality should be as rocking as the style itself. Distinctive and ultra-bold, this is one of the most exaggerated styles.

Horse Shoe Mustache

#7 Scruffy

This one is the most commonly grown mustache as it does not need many styles, it just the way your mustache naturally grows. However, it is important to keep this style trimmed and not let it float over your lips. Another great addition to the list for men.

Scruffy Mustache

These styles will surely enhance your fashion style and make you look unique and stand out. However, it can be a tough task growing your hair fast and thick. This can be achieved by adding plenty of vitamins to your diet.

Along with the necessary vitamins, you must exfoliate your skin regularly to clean the pores and increase the growth of your hair.


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