I remember back in the days, I used to develop websites for schools, small businesses, and freelancers. The content deal was pretty simple, you just need a few paragraphs of texts, one to two carousel images, little bit of playing with front end codes and that’s all! You have your own perfectly working website. Certainly, after so many years, things have changed, everyone have a website now! How’s your site different from your competitors? What’s the uniqueness about it? The way content is consumed on the internet, websites now consist of so many elements like high res-pictures, videos, GIFs, heavy sliders, sharp carousel and if you’re starting an E-commerce business, you’ll surely have hundreds or even thousands of pictures to upload. 

Best Web Hosting 2020

The reason I said this is because more than 50% of the website, they lack an essential building base i.e. SPEED! Your website needs to be so optimized that whenever someone lands on any of your pages, it should be instant, as fast as blink of an eye. And one major factor that affects page speed is the web-server you’re using.

The blog will describe in detail what web hosting is and what are the best web hosting service in 2020.

Web Hosting Services

Any website that is created will be considered useless if it is not accessible through web searches. To serve a website’s purpose it needs to be accessed via the World Wide Web. Web hosting services do exactly that by hosting your website and make it accessible.

Impacts of Choosing Right Web Hosting

While the creation of a website is intended to promote a particular business or person. Selection of the wrong web hosting service can kill the purpose. Most small businesses make this mistake and they have to pay. A good web hosting service can have positive impacts on your business. This blog is all about the best web hosting service in 2020.

The first impact a web hosting service can have on your website is the SEO ranking. In case of a bad SEO ranking your website will not be visible in the top google searches. Making it inaccessible to the customers. At the same time, you would not be able to attract new visitors to websites.

How Does Cloud Web Hosting Works

Secondly, your business will lose revenue if your website goes down and the customers can not approach you. This outage can happen to a bad web hosting service causing your loss of money.

Another and the most important impact a good web hosting service can bring to your website is that they back up your data properly. As a website is always prone to security and virus attacks and there is no definite way to protect from it. However, a proper backup can resolve this issue.

Choosing The Best Hosting Service

To make your website accessible from any time, at the same making it secure and reliable it is crucial to select only the best web hosting services.

  • Study the services of your web hosting in detail and compare it to the others.
  • Choose a web server hosting that is best in terms of customer service. And would respond quickly 24/7.
  • The web hosting service should maximum up-time. Judging by history, your web hosting service should have a minimum of 99 percent up-time.
  • Different types of business require different kinds of web hosting. If you just started and your business is growing day by day. It is bound that your website will generate more traffic causing you it to crash if your web hosting service is not capable.

The Best Web Hosting Service 2020 


Unlike traditional expensive and slow web hosts,  Cloudways is an excellent choice when it comes to fast and cheapest cloud web hosting. It has the best and responsive customer service. and storage facility for backing up. They offer 5 cloud services, and a managed security system.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Another amazing feature is that it is very easy to set up the hosting without having to go through a complicated step. You can go live in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, Cloudways also offers scalability. Meaning that if your business grows and you get more traffic to the website you would not have to change the hosting service as it can manage heavy traffic as well.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways is easy to use, supports most of the application including PHP apps. You can start your trial version for free from Cloudways. Your first website will be migrated to the host for free. Acquiring certificates is easy and you won’t have to be bound in a contract.

Go professional and increase your value on the internet by featuring the top google searches, securing your website data and having 24/7 customer support ready. Choose Cloudways and enhance your business. Forget your old school web hosting and switch to Cloudways!

As a Web Developer, this was one of the best decision I took. Free trial without credit card, less than $12/m, Dedicated IP, Ultra Fast Hosting and 24/7 dedicated cloud engineers. Where else do you get such features at the price point? Get started here!

If you have any problem regarding your existing web hositng or you’re planning to migrate your web hosting and need some assistance, Prince is the right person to get in touch!

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