How to Braid Your Hair In Three Majestic Ways

How to Braid Your Hair Easily
How to Braid Your Hair Easily

This article will be covering how to braid your hair in three different majestical styles. These trending styles will be the Fishtail Braid, the Waterfall Braid, and the Mermaid Braid. This article is full of easy ways to braid your hair. Thus, why not start learning to braid for the better today? Continue reading for three of the latest princess-like styles that will surely enchant anyone.

How to Braid Your Hair With Ease

By following the easy step by step guides, you will learn how to braid your hair three separate ways. They all have simple instructions to achieve the most lovely braid styles trending. Although these three styles seem to have given us all a little trouble, the time has come pull through! Why not break the cycle of misthreading your locks today? Weave a piece of art right now and as a result, be proud to wear it! One more noteworthy thing, try adding gemstones and other trinkets into these hairdos to princess things up.

#1: The Fishtail Braid

How to Braid a Fishtail Braid
Learn how to easily braid a Fishtail Braid!

The complex-looking fishtail braid looks even better as it gets messier! This truth makes it a perfect choice for mornings of pure chaos and unruliness. Merely tame your hair back with the Fishtail Braid. You will look the part of a princess even on an average day out.


How to Braid Your Hair in a Fishtail Braid Technique
This is how to braid your hair into a Fishtail Braid.
  1. Parting your hair down the middle of your head, you will have two sections. These two sections should be on both the left and right sides of your head. These sections should also be equal to each other in size.
  2. Collect a thin strand of hair from the left section no larger than 1.3 cm.
  3. Pulling your strand choice up and across the section that is left, move it to the right.
  4. Now, tuck in the thin strand of hair underneath the right section. These actions will combine the two sections.
  5. Next, tighten up all the loose parts by slightly pulling on the left and right sections. Ensure you tug at the same time. Otherwise, you will be in for quite a mess! Remember that the tighter a Fishtail braid is, the better. The logic behind this is that they grow wilder looking with time.
  6. Now, select a thin strand of the same size as the last strand from the right section of hair.
  7. Tugging the thin strand up and across the section to the right, move the strand to the left section.
  8. Tuck the thin strand below the left section. These actions will make it apart of the left-side section.
  9. Extend the pattern until you have met the ending point of your hair.


There Are More Than One Type of Fishtail Braid
There are many kinds of Fishtail Braids to learn!
  1. Try to use even shorter strands as you reach further down your hair. This thinking is since your hair gets thinner towards the end of your braid. Thus, your braid will become thinner.
  2. Be sure to leave 1 inch of hair leftover at least. You want to be sure to leave this small portion of hair behind. This plan is because you will want to tie off your braid.
  3. Wrap a decorative hair tie around the end of your braid.
  4. As an extra step, if you want a wilder looking braid, gently rub your new braid in your hands.

#2: The Waterfall Braid

Weave A Braiding Waterfall!
Learn how to weave a Waterfall Braid!

This is a fairly simple tutorial for such an elegant braid. As a result of this tutorial, you will have a stunning Waterfall braid. Just follow the steps to a beautiful hairdo.


The Waterfall Weave Pattern
How to create a Waterfall Braid.
  1. Make a deep side part.
  2. Choose a section of hair on your right side.
  3. Part this section into three separate strands.
  4. Grab a top piece of hair that is nearest to your hairline.
  5. Cross that piece over the middle.
  6. Allow the strand to drape.
  7. Now, while grabbing a bottom piece, cross it over to the brand new middle piece.
  8. Next, rather than crossing the draping piece as you would with a French Braid, you leave it. This reasoning is since these actions cause the Waterfall Braid effect to occur.
  9. Finally, grab the top and bottom pieces.
  10.  Cross them over one another just once.
  11. Repeat the process again and again until you have the braid length you desire. You should take new pieces of the hair from above the forming braid. Then, put them into the middle of the braid. Next, gently tug the strands down. These actions cause the Waterfall Braid effect to really take on its full form.


There Are So Many Styles of Waterfall Braids to Try
  1. Put the finishing touches on your braid by leveling it higher. You can do this by turning the extra two hair strands together. Then, fix them in place with a hair tie or band.
  2. Repeat the same process on the left side of your head. Otherwise, you can make a bold fashion statement with just one Waterfall Braid.

#3: The Mermaid Braid

The Majestic Mermaid Braid
Learn how to braid a Mermaid Braid!

Enjoy the most majestic of braiding styles with the Mermaid Braid. Elegant yet windswept, this braid is perfect for any event or any day of the week. You will be thanking yourself learning about this braid in the heat of the Summer. You can trust me on this.


A Complex Mermaid Braid
How to braid your hair into a complex Mermaid Braid style.
  1. Section your hair into a teardrop shape on the top of your head.
  2. Fasten this section securely to the top of your head with a hairband.
  3. Pull while pinching your hair on the top of the rubber band to give it more texture.
  4. Braid your new ponytail into a plain three-strand braid.
  5. Cut off the braid with a hairband with roughly an inch of your hair left to work with. The chief goal is hiding the three strands of the braid by tucking the excess hair into the first braid.
  6. Repeat the procedure on the opposite side of your head.
  7. Continue onwards until the twisting and tucking of all of your hair until it winds up inside the braid. This could take up to three or four twists on each side of your head.
  8.  Fix the whole hairdo with a hairspray.
  9. Finally, cut out the first hairband that was holding the top of the braid in place.


Use The Dutch Braid to Figure Out the Mermaid Braid
Use the Double-Dutch Braid for reference when crafting a Mermaid Braid!
  1. Section off small bits of hair from your front hairline. Next, twist them around and tuck them into a twisting in the simple braid. There is no need to fix them in place.
  2. You can add more texture to the braid by softly pulling it in the upwards direction.

Wrapping Things Up in a Bow!

To wrap things up properly, let’s recap on what you have read. You have read about three majestical braiding styles. These braiding styles suit any occasion. You can now pull off these latest trending hairstyles for yourself with your own know-how as a result. So, it is now up to you whether you dare to share a whole new you to the world. Hence, I personally wish you the best of luck on your hair braiding adventures.


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