How To Grow Hair On Chest And Stomach: Complete Guide

Chest Hair Shaving Technique For Men
Chest Hair Shaving Technique For Men

Does your father often repeat these words “Grow Some Hair Damm it” and you’ve been desperately searcing for how to grow chest hair?  or even how to grow stomach hair? Understandably, some of us are not that lucky. Most of us have hair growth after a certain age. And the most probable cause of less hair growth is genetics as per experts.

But in the world of “Eliminate Body Hair”, some of us like hair on our chests. And it’s a myth that ladies hate it. In the late ’70s, chest hair was considered the “manly man”. And that trend is still trending. Many celebrities flaunt their chest hair and fans can’t stop retweeting. The reason is “Chest hair Is Sexy, Man!!”

So, What’s The Real Secret For Chest Hair Growth?

The age of 12 to 18 is usually known as ​chest hair growth age​. Sometimes, due to genetics, most of the men between the age of 20 and 30 still wait for their chest hair. The growth continues subsequently. Not only common man but the models in the fashion industry are growing chest hairs to flaunt their masculinity.

Growing Chest Hair

But what to do about it, if you are 19 and still wondering ​how can I grow more hair on my body​. Well, this blog is written for those special ones who want to have that shiny smooth silky hair on their chest. Now there’s a clinical way and there is a natural way. The clinical way is easy and expensive, but the natural way is like god’s blessing. “Late But Fruitful”.

Don’t worry sonny boy these tips are gonna help you to increase chest hair on your body!

Hit The Gym

Studies have shown that picking an extra few pounds can hype your testosterone levels. Yes, this has been the real reason for hair loss. But balancing the workout can be a blessing.

Chest Hair Growing Guide

Shaving Helps

Shaving weekly cuts the hair at its roots. It makes them thicker when it grows back. But make sure to learn the art of shaving first. One wrong move and they will look ugly.

How To Shave Chest Hair

Try Onion Therapy

Now, this is a reputed one. Slicing an onion and rubbing it on your chest can do wonders. Rubbing onion stimulates the hair growth as it contains sulfur.

Apply Miconazole Nitrate

If you are wondering about ​chest hair growth cream​, then Miconazole Nitrate is the best. It is not only medically verified but also make those chest hairs long and strong.

Eucalyptus Oil

One of the homeopathic remedies is applying Eucalyptus Oil on your chest. It has microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits that help you grow your hair naturally. It has a soothing aroma that rejuvenates your hair follicles increasing hair growth.

Eucalyptus Oil For Hair Growth

So, mentioned above are the tips+remedies for growing chest hair, there is one thing that you should never opt for and that is steroids. Steroids especially if they are Anabolic or androgenic are risky and pose serious health hazards. You will surely have the hair growth but along will come certain side-effects.

Last But Not Least, Be Patient

Patience is key! you won’t like your hairs to pop up instantly, would you? The chest hair will take some time to grow and with patience, you will have a nice bush around your chest line. This process will start between a week or two.

If all these do not work and that is not true! Consult a doctor. It is by far the best solution to get more hairs. Your doctor might be able to diagnose the issue more effectively. Chest hair is going to be a head-turner in the future so start following these steps and flaunt them when the time is right.


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