Keep Your Bald Head Smooth and Shiny: Top 5 Tips

How To Take Care of Bald Head
How To Take Care of Bald Head

Having a Baldhead is the new trend!

Being bald maintains its charm in its place. However, maintaining the bald hair is one thing as well. Meanwhile, shaving your bald is easy and common. There are plenty of other ways in which you can keep your bald head shine and smooth.

How To Get A Complete Bald Head

You can still go hairless without the use of razors or trimmers. There are plenty of ways to do that. From electrolysis, laser treatment to waxing you can do it all.


Electrolysis is used to remove hair from the body and face, and this can include your head. They destroy the growth center of the hair with a chemical or with heat energy. This process, however, can be really expensive to achieve and at the same quite painful as it makes use of tweezers and a probe insertion in your pores. An important thing to note is that this is the only method that keeps you bald permanently.

Electrolysis On Hair


This can be a good way to make your head smooth and to last for a long time. It is an effective method in removing the hair from your head. It works by applying warm or hot wax to your head and then a strip is placed on top of the wax and then ripped away. By waxing you can maintain your bald head for a longer period of time. Much longer than by shaving.

Hair Waxing For Men

Using Clippers To Get a Smooth Bald Head

Clippers are a better option for shaving your head rather than shavers. They help prevent the growth of hair inside your pores. Along with that it also prevents itching from occurring.

Clippers To Get a Bald Head

Sugaring Method

Similar to waxing, but instead of strips, a paste is applied to the parts where hair are present. The paste is made of sugar, lemon juice, and honey and is applied while at body temperature. This paste is ripped off in the same manner as while waxing. One advantage of sugaring is that it does not peel off your skin cells.

There are many ways to get a bald head without having to shave, while shaving is a simple and the easiest way, it can get annoying to shave again and again in a few days. Luckily there are various other methods you can look out for – electrolysis for a more permanent effect, or waxing, threading or sugaring. You can learn how to shave your head with an electric razor here!

Maintaining a Bald Head

Regular shaving can be frustrating and at the same time it damages your skin as it damages skin cells.

A hair removing cream is a good option. You can use a hair removing cream for quick and easy hair removal without having to go through the pain of shaving your skin.

Take Care of Bald Head

Proper exfoliation of your skin is also essential to clean your pores and keep a clean head. This will reduce hair follicles, and when this is a method to grow your hair quickly it also gets rid of the unwanted ones too.

Moreover our head needs moisturizing to prevent the scalp from blemishes and let the hair grow back fully to be shaven off properly.

Dandruff and flakes can still occur even if you have a completely bald head, so proper moisturizing, and specially designed shampoo and conditioner are important. They remove to prevent the skin and remove the oiliness of your scalp.


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