Our Best 6 Tips: How to Make Grandparents Happy?

How To Make Grandma Happy
How To Make Grandma Happy

Grandparents! Why are they innocent and so sweet? I always had a soft corner for aged people. I mean their way of doing things and living is so different. They may not be advanced as we are right now but they surely have much more experience of life then we do. We can never forget what they have done to make our childhood better. Every one of us should learn about how to make your grandparents happy!

Before doing anything always try and put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would have felt in that situation.

Aging is an inevitable process. Nobody can escape becoming old.

How To Make Your Grandparents Happy?

Spend Time With Them

Even if it’s for five minutes, sit with them and talk. A simple good morning, how was your day or goodnight can brighten up their mood. Our grandparents do not expect anything big from us. They just want us around. Calling them to check whether they are ok can make them feel valued. Make it your routine to call them and pay a visit whenever you are free.

How To Make Grandparents Happy


Aged people loves talking. They love sharing their life experiences. Listen to what they say. It has a two-way effect. You can learn from their experiences and they can revive their memory making them feel lively.

Take Care Of Grandparents

Spread Positivity

We can never fully understand what our grandparents are going through as we haven’t gone through that phase. They start developing negativity and it is especially due to the gradual loss of their physical and psychological function. However, what we can do is be their support system.

Smiling Grandma

Instead of giving them any false hope, be true to them. Reassure them that they won’t have to face anything alone and that you are always there for them. Having someone to lean on truly develops a positive strength.

Keeping Them Occupied

People start feeling lonely as they grow old since they have nothing much to do. Try developing their hobbies. Like reading books, coloring, gardening. Plan outing. Take them for morning and evening walks. Ask them what they want to do and try fulfilling them.

How To Keep Grandparents Occupied


Do something that can bring a smile on their face. You don’t need a lot of time and effort for this. Hugging and telling them that we love them is enough. If you have ever noticed, the more the person ages, the more they start acting like a child.

Make Aged People Happy

They are dependent and more stubborn in nature. They might be very repetitive and have frequent mood swings. At these times, be ready to answer their question even if its for hundred of times. Be patient and listen to what they have to say. Take their demand and requirements as your first priority. They must have done the same when you were young.

Promote Independence

Old age increases their dependency level, which can be frustrating and depressing for them. They might also feel burdensome. Instead of doubting their strength and potentials, try uplifting their self-esteem by letting them do the tasks that they can independently do.

These are the best things you can do to make grandparents happy. They are the old version of children! Always take care of them, make them feel special. You won’t be with them forever 🙂


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