Here Are Our Best 5 Tips To Prevent Pimples and Acne Forever!

How To Prevent Pimples and Acne
How To Prevent Pimples and Acne

I know, You’ve been doing alot to prevent pimples. A face full of acne and acne mark is the biggest nightmare. Most common among teenagers but is experienced once by everyone in certain stages of life. Acne can result from many causes like hormonal changes, stress, poor hygiene, diet.

How To Actually Prevent Pimples?

The solution to all these causes is 4P’s;

Proper Diet, Proper Hydration, Proper Hygiene, Proper Skincare Routine.

Let Your Skin Breath

A proper skincare routine has proved to help reduce acne. Acne results when the pore clogs with dirt, oil, dead skins or bacteria making the skin unable to breathe. You don’t need any high-end expensive skincare products to clear your pores. What you can simply do is wash your face. 

How To Cure Pimples And Acne

Make sure that your skin is super clean before you go to bed. Remove all the makeup and squeeze all the dirt, oil that piles up on the skin all day long.

Scrubbing once or twice a week is a good option for removing the dead skin cells and prevent pimples. However, after cleaning the face, don’t forget to hydrate it with a good moisturizer. Good moisturizer needn’t be the one from the expensive brands. It can be whatever suits your skin type.

Cleanse Your System

Water flushes and cleans everything. It does the same to our skin. Cleaning and hydrating the skin externally is not enough to get rid of the stubborn acne. The system also needs to be cleaned from within. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps to remove the toxins from the body and the skin leaving it healthy and radiating.

Skin Cleansing To Prevent Pimples

Eat Healthy: Most Important to Prevent Pimples

Whatever you eat reflects on your skin. Eating healthy does not mean that you need to follow a strict diet plan. It just means learning to choose a balanced diet and feeding the skin with all the nutrients it requires to remain healthy. For example, increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. 

Eat Healthy To Prevent Pimples

The antioxidant properties of various fruits and vegetables are important for the development of normal skin cells. Similarly, excessive sugar can make you break out. So, limiting the consumption of sugar is also very important.

Hygiene Is a Must

What works the most in reducing the acne is keeping your hands and pillowcase clean. Our hand touches the face several times during the day, so we might unknowingly be transferring the bacteria, dirt, sweat from our hands to our face. Also, most of the people with acne, have the habit of touching and poking it.

Personal Hygine To Prevent Acne

So, hand needs to be clean at all times to reduce the transfer of bacteria. Similarly, a pillowcase should be changed regularly. We normally sleep for 5-7 hours which means that if the case is dirty we are transferring the oil, dirt, and bacteria during that period from the case to our skin blocking the pores.

Get a Good Sleep

Lack of enough sleep is one of the main triggers of acne. The body heals and repairs while we sleep. So, the sound sleep of 7-9 hours is extremely essential to prevent or reduce breakouts.

How To Get A Good Sleep


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