How To Trim Mustache With Electric Shaver – Step by Step Guide

trimming mustache step by step guide
trimming mustache step by step guide

So you got yourself a new electric mustache trimmer. You are excited looking at it sleek design and shining blades. A shiny twinkle gleams every time you hold it and your mustache is ready for a trim. 

Whether you are a Texas cowboy or a traditional Brit, every man on this planet likes to grow a mustache. Since it brings a more masculine look and gives you a manly feeling. If you think it does not truly check some of these quotes by famous personalities: 

“A mustache really defines your face. My dad had a mustache when I was growing up, and I can still remember when he shaved it, he looked like a completely different person.” – Jason Sudeikis

If you are still not convinced, grow a mustache and notice the difference yourself. As Peter’s uncle said with “Great powers come with Great Responsibilities.” Your mustache is your power and maintaining it is your responsibility. 

Trim Mustache With Electric Shaver

How To Trim Mustache With Electric Shaver?

Maintaining a mustache has become so much easier in recent times. But trimming it needs knowledge and this article will guide you on that: 

  1. Clean your mustache: The first step is the crucial one. Combing with a small comb for facial hair is the first step to become the “ONE”. Make sure to keep your mustache dry while commencing this process. 

Expert Tip: Use shampoo with conditioner can make your mustache softer and smoother to comb. 

  1. Cut Hair Along Your Lip: As you continue trimming your mustache, have an expressionless face and let the trimmer cut the hairs closer to your lips. And make sure do not cut it in a zigzag way, evenly cut will bring out your swag. The length depends on you. 

trimming your mustache

Expert Tip: Start trimming from the outside towards the center of your mustache. 

  1. Trim the Top: Trimming scissors is the best piece of tool to use while trimming the top of your mustache. This cut of the unruly hair and give you the look of a lifetime. 

Expert Tip: Trim the top of your mustache keeping in mind that it goes at a 45-degree angle towards your lips. You can ignore this step if you want your mustache to look fuller. 

Ignoring the area of mustache which meets your nose will make people assume that you have long nose hair, trim it. 

  1. Do Not Forget To Trim The End: Do not ignore the stubble underneath your mustache end. Use a sharp-edged razor and shave it off. 
  2. Twist the End Hair of Your Mustache: You can use a little wax between index finger and thumb to pinch the long end hairs to create temporary curls. 

Expert Tip: Keep rolling the mustache end hair often. This gives the mustache memory to easily curl when you need it to be. 

  1. Comb It and Apply a Strong Hold Gel: This is the part that will make you the handsome hunk. Completing the above steps will bring you to the final steps. Comb it as per your style and apply a holding gel to curl up your mustache at the end. 

These were some of the best methods for trimming your mustache. Following these tips will not only make you attractive and masculine. Also, it will be a women’s head-turner which you would be looking forward too. Whether you are going for the first date or riding your Harley, your perfect mustache will be a lady killer for sure. Hope that sums up your question, How to trim mustache with electric shaver! Let us know down in the comments!


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