Lenovo Smart Clock: Combined Effort of Google & Lenovo For a Perfect Clock?

Lenovo Smart Clock Review 1
Lenovo Smart Clock Review 1

Smart clock from Lenovo making use of Google Assistance. Another of the affordable products at $80. Google is about to release an update that will let you look at your photos as well.

Lenovo SmartClock Price

The overall design of the  clock is great. Its compact, just the right fit for your side table. Lenovo’s Smart Clock is so much more than just a normal alarm clock, you can manage your schedule, play music and a lot more cool stuff. All of that without even touching the clock. Just say “Hello Google” and it will do whatever you say. 

Design of the Smart Clock

This sleek designed clock is small, just the four inches wide screen and the model as long as your palm. Lenovo’s New Clock has this amazing grey color that perfectly contrasts its petite design. 

Lenovo Smart Clock Review 2

The back of the clock includes a port, a mute button and a plug spot. On the top the volume buttons are embedded that peek out just enough so that you do not have trouble finding it in the dark. But the overall soft mesh texture makes it look all more cute. The watch does look futuristic with its design. 

Add Music to your Lenovo Smart Clock

You can add music apps to this amazing clock, make use of the 4 Watt speaker by adding Youtube, Pandora, soundcloud and other apps. Just add a default account so that google assistant knows which one to log in when you say “Play music”.  The speakers  aren’t great quality but what more can you expect from your Alarm clock. 

Lenovo Smart Clock Speaker

After setting up the clock it features like a Google Home Mini, being able to control your devices, play music, etc. 

Screen and Display

Again, we are being greedy here expecting a great display from an alarm clock but the screen is limited. The display and touchscreen is just average but it does enough to functionality. Swipe through the screen that displays your daily routine from start to the end. The weather, your schedule and of course your alarms. 


Apart from the alarms, you can also organize your nap schedule. Also, set up the clock in your room and control the lights of the room through your lenovo clock. 

 Choose from a wide range of colorful screens, set up the sunrise mode and the clock will gradually turn bright over a duration of 30 mins and then eventually stops when the alarm starts sounding. 

Lenovo Clock Specs

Although the clock does not allow you to make video calls, it does let you call someone through voice. Just Say “Hey Google call [a number] ” and it does exactly like that. 


In terms of performance, the microphone is great and listens to your commands swiftly. the Lenovo Smart Clock is reliable even though it’s features are a bit more complicated than the traditional alarm clock. 

The Problem

One  major problem with Lenovo’s Smart clock is that the competition is very tough around it. Even though the clock does more than just an alarm clock but the the other devices such as the Nest, etc are doing a lot more than this watch. Which makes it slightly behind the rest. 

Most of the people would use their phones as an alarm clock, and even if people want to keep their mobile phones off at night, a simple clock would cost way less than this. 

Lenovo Smart Clock Summary

Smart Clock from Lenovo is less distracting and more focused on the bedtime features. From simple display cards to that absent camera, which ideally would be present but its an optional feature for a smart clock. You can purchase this clock from Amazon or Lenovo’s website.

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