Major Festivals: Attracting Tourists All Over The World!

Bay to Breakers Festival
Bay to Breakers Festival

Guide To The Most Famous And Biggest Festival In The World

Tourism for some countries is a huge economy booster. With countries now taking tourism very seriously, creating the best possible environment to attract tourists from all over the world. Some countries, on the other hand, hold major festivals that attract tourists to their country.

Whether it’s a cultural festival, a holiday carnival or something related to religion or art. This world is a place hosting countless amazing and fun filled festivals. These festivals depict a place’s traditional and cultural values at the same time providing value for tourist’s money.

Here is a list of some of the world’s most amazing festivals held every year:

The Best & Major Festivals Around The World

#1 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

This biggest festival is held in January every year by China. The world’s largest ice and snow festival lasts for just around a month. The enthusiasts wait all year to attend this is a stunning festival where art and sculptures are designed making use of Ice and Snow.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The total cost of the event is 135-330 RMB per person. Moreover, the starting date of the festival is the 5th of January.

#2 Rio Carnival

Rio carnival is a huge party held right before the Christian holiday of Lent. Originally, Carnival was a food festival because it was the last time people could eat abundantly before the Lent started.

Rio Carnival

In an interesting legend, it says that the word carnival is a Latin expression ‘carne vale‘ which translates as ‘farewell to the meat’. However, this is now more of a party instead.

#3 BURNING MAN (Weirdest Major Festival In Our List)

Burning man festival is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and is one of the world famous festival. This event started when a group of men created a statue of wood and dragged it to the desert to put it on fire. At that time, only 20 people came to watch.


However, the size of the statue and the number of people who attend this event has grown. And every year it is getting bigger.

#4 Mardi Gras

Also known around the world as the ‘Fat Tuesday”, pretty much similar to the carnival in Brazil. It also happens just before Lent and has plenty of food, dances, parades, etc. This Festival is held in New Orleans attracting over 1.2 million tourists to the city.

Mardi Gras Festival

Moreover, the best part about this festival is that it is free of cost. Anyone riding a float in the parade is required by law to wear a mask. This rule was created so that people of different social classes could mingle without any pressure/stigma.

#5 St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrated all around the world on March 5, but the best tribute paid to the Patron Saint of Ireland is by the people in Dublin. The holiday is a multi-day festival.

St. Patricks Day

Dress up in all your green attire, wander the city, watch the parade, and you can end the day in one of the bars of Dublin. A fan of partying should miss this festival.

#6 Songkran Festival

Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. And to top it off, this festival is held every year in mid-April. Songkran is a three-day festival, where Thailand shuts off and people get involved in water fighting.

Songkran Festival

It is impossible to escape the water on these three days no matter your age. If you want to escape, just stay at your home.

#7 Bay to Breakers Festival

Bay to Breakers is an annual footrace which takes place in San Francisco, California on the third Sunday of May.

Bay to Breakers Major Festivals

Although the complete race is 7.46 miles long, where people are dressed in weird clothing and most of them drinking, it is a fun experience to attend it.

These Major Festivals You Should Experience

The festivity all around in the world should be visited as it helps to learn about that country’s culture and tradition.


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