Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Review in 2020

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 2
Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 2

Body grooming just got easier. This Philips Norelco Body grooming clipper allows you to remove unwanted hair and have the sleek hairless profile you desire. The groomer allows men to sculpt, shave, and trim hair effortlessly.


Pivoting Head

dual side trimming
dual side trimming

The shaver has a pivoting head that can pivot in four different directions. The4 pivoting head allows the shaver to be kept close to the skin no matter what part of your body you are shavi8ng or what angle you have to hold the shaver at.

It will glide smoothly against your skin and will maintain contact with your skin as it passes over your body contours. You do not have to apply a lot of pressure to get the shaver to provide you with a close shave so you will not have to worry about razor rash or skin irritations.

Skin Friendly

The blades of the trimmer have rounded heads so they are less likely to cause nicks or cuts to your skin. The blades can lift and cut both short and long hair without pulling, pinching, or hurting you.

Varied Lengths

You have the ability to choose five different lengths for the trimmer to cut your hair. You can cut the hair on your body from a 1/8” length to a 7/16” length. You do not have to just shave the hair completely off.

This apparatus is designed to allow you to do body hair sculpting and create your own unique configuration of body hair so you look like you want to look.

Self-Sharpening Steel Blades

Philips Norelco body grooming 7100 dual side
Philips Norelco body grooming 7100 dual side

The possibility of the blades getting dull and starting to pull the hair instead of cleanly cutting the hair is done away with because these steel blades are self-sharpening. You never have to replace the blades because the shaver keeps them sharpened and ready to use.

This is a critical feature in body grooming because the areas the groomer glides over can often be very sensitive. You want the blades to be as sharp as possible so they cut the hair away and do not pull at the hair.


Waterproof bodygroomin trimmer
Waterproof bodygroomin trimmer

You can use this device in the shower or tub because it is designed to be waterproof. You can easily take your grooming tool into the shower and do all of your necessary trimming where the cleanup of the hair is easier because of the running water.

Because the device is showerproof you can also wash it under running water and remove all hair particles from the blade. You will get a cleaning brush to brush away dried hair, but you have the option of washing under running water and getting the cutting head exceptionally clean.

If you want to sterilize the cutting head you can pour alcohol over it and allow the alcohol to air dry.

Rubber Non-Slip Grip

The cutter has a rubber grip to make it more comfortable to hold and less likely to slip while you are using it. The grip increases the safety of the device, and it stops you from suffering from hand cramps while using it.

The grip allows you to work longer at removing the hair so you do not have to stop and rest your hands. You will finish your grooming in less time.

Lithium Ion Battery

Quick charging
Quick charging

The trimmer uses a lithium-ion battery to power it. The battery is strong and provides the device with enough power to cut through both thin and thick hair and long or short hairs.

You will get 80 minutes of continuous use when the battery is at a full charge. It does not need a charging stand because it is directly charged from the electric outlet.

The device has a battery indicator light that lets you know when it is fully charged and when it is discharged. You can plug it into the power source and in one hour it will completely recharge and provide you with another 80 minutes of non-stop use.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Pivoting head removes hair from all body contours
  • Adjustable cutting length
  • 1 hour recharge gives you 80 minutes of cutting power
  • Stays sharp


  • Does not have nose hair trimmer
  • Cannot be used while plugged into the charging cord

Which is better: the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 or the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000

Both of these clippers are designed to remove body hair in a quick and effortless manner. The main difference is that the Philips Norelco Bodygroom is designed to remove hair from below the neck while the Philips Norelco Multi-groom is designed to remove hair from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

The choice of which item is best for you is dependent on the type of hair cutting and grooming you need to do. If you need to cut your beard, mustache, ear hair, nose hair, stubble, and head hair then you will be better served by the multi-groom, but if you desire to shave your chest, legs, private area, and underarm area without cutting head hair of facial hair then you will be best served by the body-groom.

The body groom does not have to have different guards or different trimmer heads so it is a smaller device that is easier to travel with. The multi-groom device has a lot more components to keep up with and you have to change the grooming heads to make it possible to use the device on different body parts. The multi-groom does come with a storage case for everything and it does allow you to create the balding look that is trending now.

Final Thoughts

Personal grooming is made much easier by the Bodygroom trimmer. You can adjust the cutting length so you do not have to completely remove the hair, and you can shave delicate areas because the head of the trimmer picots to make better contact with the area you are shaving.

This grooming device will allow you to look the way you want to while it saves you grooming time.

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