Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones: What’s Best About It?

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones Review
Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones Review

Going wireless is the new trend. No one wants to go out all tangled up in wires, that is quite a mess. People are switching to wireless earphones, earpods or bluetooth headphones nowadays.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

The powerbeats pro is an amazing option to buy, with its high quality sound, attractive design and cool features that you would love.


The design, the performance, battery life and what not, these wireless earphones seem to tick all the boxes. Lets have a detailed look and analyze Powerbeats Pro earphones.


Starting from the design, that i love the most. It looks classy and at the same time you can judge the quality of these earphones. Available in four different colors, Black, ivory, moss and navy. The earbuds have a center playback button on each of them where the beats logo is placed, the button allows you to control the volume whenever you need to.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats is so comfortable to wear and listen too, it fits your ears and does not have wired so you do not have to worry about tangling in one of those. The sound quality is soothing to the ears adding to its comfortable design. That’s because of a micro-laser barometric venting hole at the front.


Not only going totally wireless is cool and trendy, but these new earphones have brought about new levels of performance. These earphones are mainly built for the sporty ones but its not limited to that only. But no matter, if you are running, working out, walking around your house or whatever, these wireless headphones will stay put and would not fall over again and again. The sound is balanced, the bass has never been a problem with beats. Moreover, the device is water and sweat resistant. Allows 9 hours of listening time in each earbud.

Powerbeats Pro Review

As mentioned earlier, these wireless earphones are specially designed for the athletes. So beats have taken special care of that and before launching this product, according to them they listened to the athletes’ opinion of how much they enjoy music while in order to get motivated and stay focused.

Moreover, you can also choose which side of earbuds you want to listen the sound from, left, right or both the sides. Each of the sides has volume controls so you don’t need another phone to control the device. Along with that there are Autoplay/pause sensors that can track when the earbuds are in your ears.

Battery Life

The battery life is amazing, with 9 hours of playing time for each of the two buds. With the charging case, you’ll get more than 24 hours of combined playback. The Auto on-off sensors are responsible to check when the earbuds have been idle and hence they turn off on their selves that saves a lot of battery timing.

Powerbeats Pro Box

Pricing of These Wireless Earphones

The product is available in four colors, and will cost you around a total of $249 and accompanied with a matching case.

Powerbeats Pro Available Colors


The device has been launched and is widely available in the market all over the world. You can also purchase the device from Amazon.

Our Verdict

These earbuds are simply great. Although the noise cancelling feature was lacking and they did not have the water resistance feature included in them. But for most of the parts these wireless earphones worked perfectly and it can be said that these are apple’s best wireless earphones till date.

Provides great quality of sound experience, you can make use of voice command through Siri. The price is slightly on the higher side, but if you don’t mind the price, these earphones have the premium feel to them.

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