Top Picks: Hair-Style For Ladies With Shaved Heads

Best Short Hair Style For Womens
Best Short Hair Style For Womens

Ladies! You Can Look Absolutely Stunning After Trying One of These Short Hair Style For Women

Women have always been involved in fashion the most. Introducing new makeup products and hundreds of different colors of nail paints and what not. Black ladies, like black men are always up to the mark when it comes to style. Today we’ve collected some of the best short hair style for women out there looking forward to make a change!

You Can Look Stunning After Trying One of These Shaved Hairstyles

Women have always been involved in fashion the most. Introducing new makeup products and hundreds of different colors of nail paints and whatnot. Black ladies, like black men, are always up to the mark when it comes to style.

We have seen women trying out different short hairstyles, sometimes trimming them short to their shoulders, other times letting it go below their waistline. Along with that, dying their hair in so many different colors, blonde, black, brown, etc.

Being a lady it is yet to become common to have almost shaved heads or hair. However, these black ladies in our list took on the shaved head hairstyle and look amazingly hot. If you are willing to try out shaving or trimming your head, get inspiration from these gorgeous ladies. 

Ladies / Celebrities Who Tried Short Hair:

#1 Amber Rose

Amber rose, she is as gorgeous as one could get. With her trendy short hair, she has been a role model for many. And even some girls have tried imitating her style. Evenly trimmed hair throughout, her hairstyle enhances her facial features. For a woman, Amber carries her short hairstyle well and it never seems odd to look at her. 

Amber Rose Short Hair

#2 Lupita Nyong’o 

A Kenyan-Mexican actress and model, although she keeps on changing her style (having long hair these days) she makes it into your list of black ladies with shaved hairstyles. The world is yet to see Lupita not looking beautiful in any look. The gorgeous silver start model has always made a strong style statement, making the fans like each of her photo and winning more hearts day by day.

Once evening trimming as short as she became a skinhead. Again, looking at her it never seems that something is out of order.

Lupita Nyongo Short Hair

#3 Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille Sterling is an American actress, fashion model, and television personality. She started her career by winning the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model.
Once got her hair all trimmed and set up short. Her look has always been the center of attention winning her fans worldwide. The short semi-blonde and curly hair look are long gone now, but it still is amazing to look at.

Eva Marcille Short Hair

I could mention a lot more stunning ladies that carried this kind of hairstyle perfectly but that would be just a never-ending list. Enough with the inspiration, let’s have a look at some styles for the black ladies out there.

#4 Side Cuts

Similar to men, these side cut style for women has a trimmed hairline with patterns made through shaving the hair from the sides.

Side Cuts Hair Style For Women

#5 Short and Colored Hairstyle

Along with trimming your head short, ladies can try dying them in a different tone than normal giving them a completely new look. For example, if you have become a skinhead, you can try the Gorgeous and green color for your hair, just to look cool or maybe even go bubblegum with light pink color applied to your hair.

Short and Colored Hair For Women

#6 Close Cut

The hairline carved evenly from the blade with the rest of the hair trimmed very short. This shaved hairstyle will definately make you bold and beautifyl.

Close Cut Hairstyle Women

#7 Going Bald

No worries, you can still look beautiful, even after completely shaving your head bald.

Bald Hair For Women

#8 Bald and Tattooed Hairstyle

Get a tattoo on your head after shaving your head bald, this would simply add to your swag.

Bald and Tattooed Hair Women

#9 White Snow

This has to be mentioned separately, giving you x-men vibes. All the black ladies out there can try this. Trimming your short hair and dying them white to enhance their looks.

White Snow Hair Style Women


Style Statement For Ladies

These hairstyles would match with an amazing collection of clothes and makeup accessories. 


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