TicWatch E2 Review: Most Affordable Smartwatch In The Market?

TicWatch E2 Review
TicWatch E2 Review

TicWatch E2 is the successor of TicWatch E, this watch does not have the most stylish features. But it has a great Wear OS experience at an affordable price.

The watch is swim proof and can measure your swimming time and distance. New features include a larger battery and more power. It also includes a fitness feature.

TicWatch E2

TicWatch E2 Pricing

The TicWatch E2 is one of the most affordable smartwatch at $159.99, at about $20 cheaper than its sibling S2.

Design & Display

In terms of design, this watch is simple and rather than fashion the makers have worked on the functionality of the E2 smartwatch. Unlike its predecessors, this watch does

TicWatch E2 Box

Specification and Performance

TicWatch E2 has the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100 chipset enabling the watch to perform faster and increase the battery efficiency.

Moreover, it includes 512MB RAM. TicWatch E2 also has a 4GB of storage capacity. Other features include GPS and Bluetooth, but no NFC. Neither the watch has a 4G connectivity, but for it’s price this watch is a bargain.

TicWatch E2 Price

Performance-wise, they have increased the watch’s battery size and hence the battery timing aswell. TicWatch E2 will take three to four days to die off due to low battery when the ‘always-on screen’ mode is disabled, when enabled the watch runs for two days.

  • Battery Capacity: 415mAh 
  • Dimensions: 46.9 x 52.2 x 12.9 mm
  • Casing: Polycarbonate
  • Screen: 400 x 400 pixel
  • Pixel-Density: 
  • Display:  AMOLED 1.39 inches


The watch is affordable, the battery life is great plus it recharges fast. And yes! SwimProof.


However, the watch design is nothign extra ordinary. It’s bulky and overweight and the fitness software is average. And yes! the watch does not come with NFC.

Final Verdict of the TicWatch E2

If you are confused while selecting a smartwatch and do not have the budget of buying the more expensive Samsung or Huwawei watches, then this is just the watch you should look for.

Amazing features for its budget the watch ticks all the boxes you could expect. Although lacking in style this watch is up the mark when it comes to performance.

TicWatch E2 SwimProof

A low budget smartwatch for the ones who are always looking to take care of their fitness routine and curious about how much they swim. Moreover its heavy storage lets you keep your sound track all on your wrist and enjoy it. Apart from that the watch has an amazing battery life.

The watch has a sporty look even though its sibling S2 was released for the sporty version, but there are no differences in the design of both watches so for most of the part they are both the same.

For the fitness geeks its a great buy, for the ones who focus on style and design then you’ll have to look for the other watches. This feasible watch is available on Amazon or from TicWatch’s Official Website.

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