Amazing Travelling Destinations 2020: Visit Them Before You Turn 60

Best Travelling Destinations For 2020
Best Travelling Destinations For 2020

Travelling is always a great experience, not only it helps release your mind for a bit but it also helps you learn about different cultures. You meet different people and you get to try out different foods. However, from among so many amazing travel destinations to visit in the world it is a tough choice to select what country you are going to travel. To ease it for you, these are the top travelling destinations for 2020. 

What Are Some Amazing Travelling Destinations For 2020?

You need to make memories that you could cherish for the rest of your life. These travelling destinations are sure to make your trip amazing, relaxing.

However, visit these destinations that we are about to mention before turning 60. 

#1 Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of Arizona has a mesmerizing sight and is one of the best travel destination for sure! Among one of the world’s seven wonders, this place provides a wonderful hiking experience for the travelers. 

Grand Canyon Travelling Destinations For 2020 1

Somewhat, dangerous if you stray on the trails of Bright Angel by mule. Otherwise, it is simply an astonishing place to visit. Add this to your list of top travelling destinations for 2020. 

#2 Thailand (My Personal Favorite Travelling Destination) 

No country is more famous for tourism than Thailand. It is called the tourism capital of the world and trust me, It’s one of the best places to be in holidays. Thailand has an amazing night life, with plenty of street food, luxury hotels and night clubs. 

Thailand Travelling Destinations For 2020

To go along with that, Thailand’s all night bazaars are must to visit. If you have no issues from being in the middle of a huge crowded bazaar then this is surely a place for you. 

#3 Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) 

The only surviving ruins from among the original 7 wonders of the world can be found just outside Cairo. The Pyramids of Giza were built in 2,560 BC and to this day the dead bodies of ancient Pharaohs lie there. 

Pyramid of Giza Travelling Destinations For 2020

The area is quite large and it is difficult to visit the place if you do not hire a car, or even a travel guide is very important while visiting this place. 

#4 Venice

Venice is quite unusual, no roads or cars. Just a city built on 100 different islands. Travelling through boat is the only way to travel on this city, unless you decide to walk across the pedestrian bridges. 

Venice Travelling Destinations For 2020

The city contains a great deal of history and beautiful houses. It’s one of the best vacation spots to be especially with your loved one. 

#5 Palace of Versailles

 The Palace of Versailles, one of the most famous and opulent palaces in the world. The residence of French royalty for more than 100 years until the French Revolution in 1789. The palace is quite huge! with 700 rooms, 1,250 fireplaces and 67 staircases.

Palace of Versailles Best Travelling Destination

#6 Maya Bay, Phi Phi

Maya Bay has always been popular, but after the film The Beach was filmed here, the tourists come in their droves to visit this absolutely stunning area.

Maya Bay Phi Phi Best Beach In The World scaled
Maya Bay Phi Phi Best Beach In The World scaled

The beach itself is around 200 m long of soft, white sand and the bay is surrounded on 3 sides by high cliffs.

#7 Iguazu Falls

Located at the border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu falls contains a total of 275 waterfalls stretched across 2 miles. The falls are also surrounded by a verdant rain forest teeming with wildlife. One of the most amazing places for hiking and speedboats. 

Iguazu Falls

Do Visit These Amazing Travelling Destinations For 2020

The mentioned list consists of great sights, an opportunity for you to live the life to the fullest and have a fun filled trip to these amazing travel places.


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