What is Vaping?

What is vaping? A good question for anyone looking to understand the wide world with hundreds upon hundreds of options, hardware, e liquids and what on earth is a coil?

Luckily, we are here to help break down the basics.

There are 3 main parts of any standard vape device they are:  

  • Tanks: A tank is a small chamber that holds the coil and the e liquid. Tanks come in many shapes, sizes, and styles!
  • Mods: The mod is the device that charges electricity into the coil, heating it which then causes the e-liquid to evaporate and become vapor
  • Coils: The coil is the heart of the entire device! A coil is a piece of conductible wire that is wrapped in a (usually) circular pattern to cause resistance in accordance with Ohms Law.

Types of Vapes

There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding which vape you want! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and not all vapes are created equal either. As such it is a great idea to educate yourself in order to find the device that is right for you!

there are two main types of vapes, pod devices, and mod devices.


Vape Pods are small, compact and often lower power units. They come in a huge range of styles with block like designs and pen style designs. Pods are also often programmed to read the resistance of the coil automatically and only put out the wattages that are required for your coil. 

Vape Pods for Starters

Pods are a great option for beginners to vaping as they are small, lightweight and very easy to learn with!


A mod device is a device that is often bigger than a pod device and uses an external tank (usually with a 510 thread) and is recommended to intermediate and advanced users. 

Vape Mods For Starters 1

Mod devices are most widely used as they offer more freedom and flexibility for your vape experience!

Mods allow users to adjust their power output (watts) which causes the interior coil to heat up faster or burn hotter. This adjustment causes less or more vapor depending on the coil in the device and some coils require higher wattage to run the way they’re intended.

What Comes Next? 

Luckily there isn’t too much more to learn about vape devices from here! However, there are a few pieces of information to consider! 

Mods can come in many sizes but there are two different types of mod devices; those with an internal battery and those without. Internal batteries are fitted to the device and often designed with the size of the unit in mind and should last you approximately a full day. 

A device with an external battery(s) is often bigger and heavier but will be able to run at higher wattages more consistently and with longer battery life depending on the size of the battery you put in your device!


Finally, there are two main types of tanks, Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL).


DTL tanks often feature a smaller more narrow mouthpiece which simulates the size and feel of a cigarette and will give the user a more significant ‘lung hit’ when vaped. DTL Tanks also often feature a much smaller coil with a higher resistance than their counterparts meaning they often require much less power to use efficiently. An MTL tank on the other hand often features a more spacious and bigger design to allow more air to flow through the tank and pass over the coil resulting in more vapor production. 

Now You’re On The Way!

If you’ve made it all the way here then, Congratulations! You are ready to take the first steps on your vaping journey, or maybe you have been given something to consider when adjusting your own device! 

Best of luck on your vaping journey and Keep your head in the Clouds! 

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