Black Celebrities Who’ve Rocked With Awesome Beards!

Idris Elba Beards
Idris Elba Beards

Top 10 Black Celebrities With Awesome Beards:

Men these days have become style-conscious, and style has gone to another level. It’s not only about strong muscles, biceps, and triceps. But it’s your overall look, from your hairstyle to beards. We will have a look at a few black celebrities who rocked with the bearded look. 

List of Black Celebrities With Beards: 

#1 Lance Gross

The actor, famous for his role as Calvin Payne on the TBS sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. The actor carries his beard well. Short grown facial hair is commonly known as ‘Chin curtain’ with lightly grown mustaches. It’s an advanced form of the goatee, and you like to keep the hair on your chins lighter, this is the perfect look for you. The chin curtain looks best suites black men with roundish face type. 

Lance Gross Black Celebrities With Beards

#2 Will Smith 

Who does not know him? Any role this guy plays he aces it, an amazing actor and an even better person. And like his roles he does justice to his look with his beard. One of the hottest properties of the Hollywood industry, his style statement is top-notch. No matter what face style or type you are, Will Smith’s fashion has always been worth imitating.  

Will Smith Black Celebrities With Beards

#3 John Legend 

John Legend makes the list of top black celebrities with beards, and rightly so. The musician has worked with various artists before eventually releasing his album. His debut album was a great hit just like his fashion sense. Having well-trimmed and carved sides with dark facial hair have evenly grown throughout. 

John Legend Black Celebrities With Beards

#4 Bryson Tiller

Bryson Djuan Tiller is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he started his career in 2011, releasing the debut mixtape titled Killer Instinct Vol.1. His bearded looks inspired many of his fans and became a famous trend. His bearded look began to feature on the back of phone cases and iPhone covers. Bryson’s beard style is unique, he has uneven hair growing bigger as they reach the chin part. 

Bryson Tiller Beards

#5 Michael Bakari

Michael Bakari has a unique style, he carries the old 70s style mustache and beard. Although this style looks almost invisible on the black men as it blends with skin color but this is a look which many women would prefer and still looks amazing. And the artist’s hair matches perfectly with the beard and mustache. 

Michael Bakari Black Celebrities With Beards

#6 James Harden

A sportsman finally, in our list of top bearded black celebrities. He has thick grown hair evenly balanced on all sides to match with his hairstyle that is shaved from the sides. One of the best bearded black sportsman! 

James Harden Black Celebrities With Beards

#7 Derek Luke 

His goatee style is quite trendy among black men around the world. Independent Spirit Award winner actor, Derek Luke has an amazing beard style with a few facial hair and Goatee style. No hair on side of the face. 

Derek Luke Beards

#8 Idris Elba 

With an amazing voice and known for his stylish looks, Idris Elba’s beard is one of the best you’ll ever see. The French style, although does not suit everyone that adapts it as far as Idris is concerned, he carries that look amazingly well. 

Idris Elba Beards

#9 Trai Byer

Trai Byer is a famous American actor and singer. He looks cool with the beard style called medium stubble. The beard is evenly trimmed and neatly shaved to go along with short hair. 

Trai Byer Beards

#10 David Bryon

This amazing look of David Bryon Woodside is like the magic spell that can be mesmerizing in no time! The french style beard goes well with the bald head. A classic style of bald man beard for the black men that never seems to fade away.

David Bryon Woodside Black Celebrities With Beards

These Black Celebrities Have a Great Sense of Style! 

All of the celebrities mentioned above and much more missing from the list have shown to have a great sense of style and fashion and no matter how they dress up, they somehow manage to pull out the best. 


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