The Best Pillow For Back Pain: A Buyer’s Guide


Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain

Finding the best sleep pillows for back pain is hard. For instance, everyone has their unique body type. Also, the spectrum of alignments affecting bodily health varies from person to person. Hence, finding the correct back pain pillow can be a literal pain! Moreover, there are several options out there regarding the selection of back pain pillows. Due to this fact, it becomes almost impossible to find the best one for you. The diversity of shapes of the human body and the variety of pillows is baffling even to a pro buyer.

Therefore, a collection of the top ten trending back pain pillows on the market is in this buying guide. This guide will give you the ins and outs of the best pillow for upper, middle, and lower back problems. Your perfect pillow for back pain is the one that doesn’t leave you in more discomfort by just trying to find it. Enjoy reading about the carefully thought out selection of the best back pain-relieving pillows for you while you are sleeping. You can finally get a good night’s rest and reduce some of your back pain.

However, the first thing we are going to learn is how to use sleeping pillows for back pain relief. Also, this buyer’s guide will touch on how to identify your body type. Thus, the kind of pillow you need to find the sleeping pillow for back pain will be easier to identify. After all, there is no sense in buying something that you do not know how to use correctly.

How to use the Best Pillow for Backpain During Pain Flare-Ups: A guide to Using Body Pillows

Using the right sleeping pillow for back pain is crucial. We sometimes forget that using the correct type of pillow is essential to our back health. Regardless of what position you are most prone to sleep in, the right types of pillows give us fantastic relief. This relief is from all different kinds of backaches for a variety of reasons. For instance, using the wrong kind of pillow can throw your neck out of alignment. Also, these actions can cause neck and back strain. Thus, using the proper sleeping pillows is imperative for your back’s health. The best pillows for sleeping will support your spine being neutral. Also, a great sleeping pillow with adapt to your different sleep motions.

Back Sleepers

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers
Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

If you are a person who commonly sleeps on your back, a medium-fill pillow may be in your favour. You can test your sleeping pillow to ensure that you receive proper support while you sleep. Firstly, sit upright as this is the most fitting angle for your sleep position. Your pillow should match your natural upright position sitting position while you are lying down on it. Your pillow is too high if your chin is angling towards your chest region. However, if your head starts to fall backwards, the pillow needs to be higher as it is to low.

Stomach Sleepers

stomach sleepers
stomach sleepers

If you are the type to often fall asleep on your stomach, you have two options. The first choice is to seek out a higher-fill pillow. The second option is to get a neck contour style pillow. Your choice of the best pain-relieving sleep pillow must give your neck the proper support. Your pillow achieves this by keeping it at the correct angle. A shallow pillow could result in your head contorting inwards. These motions place a great deal of strain on your shoulders.

Side Sleepers

Serene curly headed female lying on the pillow
Serene curly headed female lying on the pillow

Do you sleep neither on your back or your stomach? Then, you are a side sleeper. Hence, a thin body pillow is the best pillow for back pain side sleepers! Your pillow should be thin enough not to push your head backwards, causing tension. Also, hugging a body pillow will stop shoulder pain due to harsh sleeping positions. Alternately, placing the body pillow between your knees will help with straightening out your spine. 

How to Relieve Upper Back Pain While Sleeping at Night With the Best Pillow for Backpain

Using the right pillow for back pain while sleeping is vital to your back pain recovery. After all, getting a good night’s sleep, with the right pillow, is one of the critical influences affecting your sleeping. The impact your pillow makes will leave you baffling for more information on where you can get your dream pillow. Who knew that one pillow could affect your back pain levels so much. This impact is one regarding the many factors that have a cause and effect relationship with your back pain. There will be a speedy or lengthy back pain recovery time depending on what type of pillow you use.

How to Relieve Upper Back Pain While Sleeping at Night With the Best Pillow for Backpain

There is another essential agent concerning upper back pain recovery. This factor is choosing the best sleeping position to fit your needs. If you want to find relief from your upper back pain while sleeping, you will need sleep in specific ways. This fact is due to you needing to keep proper alignment flowing through your body. These alignments include your spinal cord and neck.

Try sleeping on your side or back with a softer pillow. Also, a neck role or cervical pillow will aid in supporting your neck and head. Furthermore, these types of pillows are popular because of their ability to keep our necks and heads in proper alignment. Additionally, a foam pillow will give your back a more soothing kind of support from upper back pain. Hence, getting the back relief you need.

Moreover, if you have upper back pain, sleeping on your stomach is the worst position possible. This fact is because sleeping on your stomach highers your chances of a misalignment befalling on your spine. Therefore, you could sleep in a loose fetal position with proper pillow support. Alternatively, you could sleep directly on your back with the help of a foam pillow. Both sleeping styles are the way to go. They have proven to be highly efficient for upper back pain relief.

The Best Pillow for Backpain: Steps on How to Sleep on Contour Pillow

Some of the best pillows for back pain are contour pillows. The contour pillow comes from a variety of materials such as foam, memory foam, and latex. Contour pillows also come in different sizes. Contour pillows have a unique design to aid people with neck aches, back pain, and snoring issues. Learning to adapt to sleeping with a contour pillow can take between days to weeks. However, the results are far beyond worth your sleeping changes.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 1

Select your contour pillow by basing the pillow model off of your budget, needs, and body size. The costs of a contour pillow vary dependant on the usage of materials, size, and brand name. If you still find yourself having trouble choosing the perfect contour pillow, seek advice. This advice should come from your physical therapist or doctor.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 2

Gently tear off the package encompassing the contour pillow. Permit the contour pillow to expand for 24 hours without using it. The reasoning behind these actions is to allow the pillow to reach its full shape potential. Additionally, these actions will air out any factory odours.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 3

Using a pillowcase, cover the contour pillow. In some cases, there may be a unique pillowcase design. In that case, use the matching pillowcase.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 4

Place your new contour pillow onto your bed. The contour shape must be facing upwards.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 5

Lay your body down on the contour pillow. Your head and neck should be fitting comfortably into your pillow’s contour.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 6

Maintain straight postering throughout your head and neck. It would be best if you are naturally looking directly upwards towards your ceiling. You should avoid slouching your head inwards. The reason behind this is because your chin is pushing into your neck. One result of slouching your chin is worse snoring due to the constriction in your airway.

Hold your head straight so that you are looking up at the ceiling. Avoid slumping your head so that your chin is not pressing up against your neck. This habit can cause constriction of your airway, making any snoring issues even worse.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 7

Giving yourself time to adjust to the new shape of your contour pillow, use it every night. It may take up to several weeks for your body to condition itself to this additional sleep posturing. This statement is particularly true if you are a side or stomach sleeper.

The Best Pillow for Backpain: How to Use Memory Foam Pillows Correctly

Another kind of one of the best pillows for back problems is a memory foam pillow. You may be asking yourself, “what is a memory foam pillow?” A special foam makes up the pillow that models the outline of your body. Meanwhile, these memory foam pillows give terrific ergonomic head and neck support. Another trait of a memory foam pillow is that it will not push on any of your bodily pressure points. However, misusing this type of pillow can cause you even more issues. That is the reason for the preparation of this quick guide to using memory foam pillows properly.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 1

If one is not already part of your memory foam pillow’s package, buy yourself a waterproof pillowcase. Most of the higher-end memory foam pillows include a waterproof pillowcase. However, most of the cheaper memory foam pillows have basic generic fabric pillowcases in their set. It is very crucial that you use a waterproof pillow casing to shield your new memory foam pillow. Spills, saliva, and sweat can all contaminate your pillow. Moreover, memory foam pillows are completely unwashable. If you wash a memory foam pillow, you will ruin it.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 2

Sometimes, the chemical odour that accompanies your memory foam pillow from the factory is far too strong. To get rid of the strong smell, wait until the weather is dry. Then, place the memory foam pillow outside in the shade. Ensure that the area you are placing your pillow to air out is clean. Leave your memory pillow outside for a few back-to-back afternoons. The odour will ultimately fade away after a while.

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 3

After the odour vanishes, insert the memory foam into the waterproof pillow casing. Next, add the memory foam pillow into another pillow casing of your choosing. This step will provide extra comfort. 

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 4

Contour memory foam pillows do not require any other type of pillow. The design of these types of pillows is for the intention of solitary usage. Therefore, you should remove any other pillows from your bed to resist temptation. 

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 5

Put your new memory foam pillow at the head of your bed. If you have a contour memory foam pillow, the flat side should be facing downwards on the bed. On the other hand, the curvy side should be facing upwards. A majority of memory foam pillows have a curvy top. This curvaceous side looks like two rolling hills and a valley directly in the center of the pillow. These two curves should face the foot of your bed. Your head should be in a relaxing position within the valley of the memory foam pillow. The largest of the two hills is for your neck to rest upon while sleeping. If your memory foam pillow does not have a contour, you do not have to worry about proper body alignments. 

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 6

Finding a position that is most comfortable for you on your back, place your head on your memory foam pillow. If it is a contour memory foam pillow, do not forget to align yourself properly. 

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 7

Although your memory foam pillow may feel hard momentarily, resist swamping positions for the first ten minutes. The pillow may initially feel unpleasantly firm. However, your body weight and heat will soften the memory foam. Within ten minutes, maybe sooner, your comfort level with rapidly increasing. 

Using the Best Pillow for Back Pain: Step 8

Wash for the second pillowcase you use at least once or twice per week. Occasionally, wash the waterproof pillowcase according to the washing instructions. Most products that have a fabric base carry an inclosing of tag that has all the washing details on it.

Exploring the Options: What is the Best Pillow for Backpain

The best pillow for spine alignment can be a challenge to find. This fact is due to the variety of options out there regarding pillows. Using the wrong pillow can throw a wrench into your backache recovery plans. As a result, you will find your sleep quality always backsliding. Hence, this quick tutorial will introduce the primary types of pillows on the current market. Also, we will touch on a few fundamental principles surrounding choosing pillows.

The three attributes that people use to measure a pillow’s quality are the pillow’s shape, size, and loft. Although pillow shapes and sizes are pretty self-explanatory, the pillow’s loft often unheard of by people. The pillow loft is the height of the pillow when it is laying down flat. People sometimes jump to the conclusion that a loftier pillow is a sturdier pillow. However, that is not always the case. Hence some loftier pillows can be softer depending on the selected materials from the manufacturer.


For a majority of sleepers, there is one typical pillow size. This pillow goes by the name of “the standard pillow.” Its size is 20 x 26 inches. So, most people find it a considerably comfortable fit. So long as you are not broad across your shoulders, these pillows can easily be a suitable pillow choice.

Super Standard

A step up from the standard pillow, these pillows have a specific size of 20 x 28 inches. This pillow is an excellent selection for combination sleepers. This reason is that the slight size increase gives your body additional support as a result. Super standard pillows fit snugly across twin and single mattress sizes.


The standard queen size is 20 x 30 inches. If you want some firmer cushioning, try stuffing a queen size pillow into a standard pillowcase. However, if the loft is too much, the queen size pillow may not fit your pillowcase.


The king size pillow is the most massive typical pillow in stature. Generally, the usage of a king-size pillow is to cover a king-size bed decoratively. The size of a king-size pillow is 20 x 36 inches. King size pillows are great for sleepers with broad shoulders, and as a result, need that extra support. On the downside, the recommendation of these types of pillows is rapidly declining. The reasoning behind this is that they have way too much material. Therefore, for sleepers of the average body size, the king size pillow can encourage lousy sleeping positions. 


The best body pillow for back pain will adequately support your legs, hips, neck, and head. As a result of this support, you will get the full spinal alignment to help your aching back. Body pillows typically measure at 20 x 54 inches. Also, as an extra plus, these pillows can double as an excellent means to raise your pillow height. Especially alongside your headboard. This additional way to use a body pillow is great for sleep apnea sufferers. 


Although they seem only fit for decoring, neck-rolls are more then what they appear. Most people view the neck-roll pillow as more or less of as a decorative accent. However, their form has the intention of aiding in the healthy support of your neck. With a design specific to back sleepers, this type of pillow is specifically 6.5 x 13 inches. These measurements are the ideal height and width to sustain that pesky gap between your shoulders and your head. As a result, neck-rolls gives the proper support of the soft tissues in your neck. Also, neck-rolls can quickly turn into knee-rolls by placing the pillow under your knees!


Japanese pillows typically measure out to be 14 x 20 inches. The design is for a Japanse Futon. It is an excellent choice for those who do not move around to much during the night. Although sleeping on a futon is not a recommendation for people who are not natural back sleepers.


Travel pillows come in a convenient travelling size, which is 11 xx 16 inches. Their usage is relatively common. Individual who does not like the offerings of the types of pillows on aircraft or hotel rooms use them often. The travel pillow is so small that they make the perfect pillow for small children.

Decorative Pillow Sizes

There is a wide variety of decorative pillow sizes out there. However, it is not a recommendation that you sleep with one every night. Although they do have a few useful purposes, they will not have a broad selection of fills or comfortable materials. Also, their design is a creation with the form of the body in mind. Although they are stylish and add flair to your bedding set. 


The European pillow, typically measuring at 25 x 25 inches, has a traditional square shape. Their normal usage is decorative. However, frequently, the European pillow put into the practice of cushioning sore joints. These pillows are an excellent selection for giving hip and knee support while sleeping on your back. These facts are valid only if the European pillow is thin enough to do so.


Thee usage of deco pillows, as the name implies, is for mere decoration purposes. These square pillows come to an assortment of sizes. However, they are no less than 16 x 16 inches in size. They do have some use if you want to prop an injured joint while sleeping.


The boudoir pillow, measuring at 12 x 16 inches, is a tad bigger than the typical travel pillow. The creation of Boudoirs is just for decorative purposes. However, their usage can come in handy if you need to prop up a sore joint. 

Buying the Best Pillow for Backpain: What Kind of Pillow Do I Need to Sleep Comfortably?

When picking the best pillow for lower back pain or upper back pain the is a factor. This major factor is the density of the fill. While choosing the right pillow, as before mentioning denotes, the pillow loft is one of the three attributes. These attributes, especially the loft of the pillow, should reflect on the characteristics of your ideal pillow for back pain.

There is a common mistake concerning a specific train of logic in many individuals. This flaw in thinking is that the height of a pillow can determine the loft. This prior statement is not accurate. It would be best if you did not use the lift measurement. Especially, to base the measurements of what you solely need for a comfortable pillow.

However, there is indeed a relationship between the pillow fill and the pillow loft. The pillow’s loft is a general simplification of the reflection regarding the construction and material usages to create the pillow. Therefore, a pillow’s fill impacts the loftiness of the pillow. As opposing to basing the pillow’s loft on just it’s mere height. After all, specific materials are airier then others. Plus, airer materials, fill more space than a denser filling. 

Knowing what your pillow filling choices are will help you. There are many options to go through. Additionally, what may work for some may not be as useful for others. As a result, the compilation of this list should help you. The brief explanations of the most popular forms of pillow filling should help you determine what kind you need.

Furthermore, this list has a brief description of how each filler impacts the pillows’ height measurements.


How Much Polyfill Do I Need 1742780a 7d77 438a aa8f 89b9281794e9
How Much Polyfill Do I Need 1742780a 7d77 438a aa8f 89b9281794e9

A synthetic, by the name of polyester fiberfill, is a mix of fine grindings of durable and fibrous strands. This amalgamation of polyester strands sustains pressure exceptionally well. This fill returns to its natural shape by re-expanding after the compression of pressure. Alternatively, the slight weaving of the strands will create a mat-like filling. This filling will make way for pressure without meaningfully impacting the height of your pillow.

The uses of polyfill pillows have no restrictions. These types of pillows can perform a variety of duties. These duties are to provide you comfort. The polyester pillow is more than capable of achieving this level of support. It will permit air to fill the micro-gaps within the pillow. This reaction creates a sense of loftiness and airiness within the pillow. A firmer surface will increase with the usage of the pillow. However, this result will not significantly alter the initial height of the pillow.


mircobead pillow filling
mircobead pillow filling

The feel of microbead fill is almost like a bean bag seat for your head or body. Microbeads are a creation of small polystyrene beads. These beads are the version with no expansion. They are otherwise going by the name of EPS. These beads contour accordingly to the pressure placements on them. They remain firm, and the loft of the actual pillow typically stays accurate to its usage sizing.  


sachi kapok pillow4
sachi kapok pillow4

An airy and soft fibre, kapok comes from the pods of a Kapok tree. Its attributes are considerably comparable with cotton. Yet, Kapok is a lot more durable than wool. Kapok usage is frequent in blends to create faux down pillows. Alternatively, it can mix with the shredding of memory foam. The reason for adding kapok to the mix is to give an extra soft feel to the pillow.

Just like feather pillows, the kapok pillow is very plumpy. Therefore, the measurement of the height of a kapok pillow is may not be the exact dimensions of the pillow.


wool pillow Gainsborough e1492633721581
wool pillow Gainsborough e1492633721581

Wool being all-natural is an extremely breathable fibre. Its usage can be by itself or with other fills in pillows with more specialization. Much like fibre fill, the quantity usage indicates the level of firmness. However, the plumping of wool pillows can make the wool trap air. As a result, the hight of the pillow can change. Therefore, the loft of the wool pillow is not necessarily accurate if you measure the height.


1510697136 index how to wash feather pillows
1510697136 index how to wash feather pillows

Even thousands of years ago, waterfowl feather pillows were popular. The reasoning behind this is for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, they are strong and airy. Secondly, they can take form under pressure. As an additional fact, feather pillows handle compression well. However, they are simple to plump back to their original loftiness as well. In present times, we use micro-feathers to prevent to much texture from occurring.

Another benefit of feather pillows is that the hollow shafts that are the spines of the feathers trap air. Plus, the surrounding fluffy part of the feathers traps the air that surrounds them. Hence, feather pillows have the plumping potential to exceed what the pillow suggests for filling. Although thee pillows have the appearance of loftiness, they give your head a softer and more supportive rest.


slumber cloud cirrus duck down pillow review fill
slumber cloud cirrus duck down pillow review fill

There is a term that describes the softer underlayment of feathers concerning waterfowl. That term goes by the name of down.” This down material makes the perfect filling for pillows. Down will supply you with additional warmth and comfort. The feathers are immensely fine, so the “down” is often in a blend of other kinds of feathers. The sleeping surface of a down pillow is very flexible. Just like standard feather pillows, they can keep their shape. However, overall, down pillows do not do an excellent job of offering extra support. Their measurements do not necessarily give the proper size of the pillow either.

Buckwheat Hulls

buckwheet pillow
buckwheet pillow

Despite the longer adjustment period, buckwheat hulls are very popular. They are a type of pillow that provides firm support to your head and neck. It does this by contouring with your unique shape. Their usage is common for people who suffer from migraines or severe headaches. Also, their measurements are always accurate. Buckwheat hull pillows have an adjustable loft as well.


shredded image 1 720x
shredded image 1 720x

Latex is a dense material, just like memory foam. The expansions of the material within the pillow trap in air, which makes its cellular compounds very unique. Regardless of latex being incredibly responsive to pressure, it holds its shape well. While it is keeping its form, latex pillows do not typically compress excessively. This statement holds only if the weight is within reason. Therefore, latex pillows make a strong candidate for sleeping in relief of back pain. Due to its design and density, measurements have a perfect portrayal when gaging a latex pillow’s size.


Pillows with specialization use water as a fill for the pillow. Due to the water’s containment in the unique pillow, it will continually change in shape. It does this to control the height of your pillow while you sleep. Water pillows are great for combination sleepers. Furthermore, its measurements are always its actual size. 

Memory Foam

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a323dab7 d0e3 4273 b9ce 7133cc13b65c e8dd655dddfa6d9745ee230e3e5cdb97

Being a synthetic visco-elastic filling with a dense structure, memory foam, is famous for its abilities. It gives your body a natural contour to provide extra support. Also, memory foam offers relief from pressure point pain. Generally, memory foam keeps its shape well and is firmer as a result. The dimensions of a memory foam pillow are significantly correct due to its sound design. 

Shredded Memory Foam

shredded memory foam close compressed 480x360 1
shredded memory foam close compressed 480×360 1

The usage of shredding of memory foam for filler has become quite a trend. This increase in the popularity of this type of filler has been dramatically skyrocketing over the last few years. This popularity is a result of their ability to be adjustable. Sometimes, you will find blends of this shredding of memory foam with polyfill as well. The reason for this mixture is so you can adjust the level of softness regarding the pillow.

The removal or addition of this filler is accessible by straightforward means. Typically, there will be a zipper of some sort. This feature means you can adapt the pillow to meet your comfort essentials. These combinations of fillers can make for a very plump pillow. Hence, the measurement of the loftiness of these pillows can not designate your comfort level. Also, the height of thees pillows should not be under implementation when measuring for an accurate set of dimensions. This matter is because you might just be measuring air. 


Although they do not sound the most pleasant of pillows, there is such a thing as hybrid innerspring pillows. These types of pillows have coils. The pocketing of the few inch long coils have heavy coverings of memory foam or something similar. This extra cushioning is the magic behind the hybrid innerspring pillow. The hybrids of innerspring pillows available give extra support to your head and neck. They achieve this level of support by contouring, thus, offering additional comfort. The understanding of the height of the pillow is a feat of standard measuring.

Conclusion for Buying the Best Pillow for Backpain

The pillow you decide is a vital component to your overall body support during the night. This fact is regardless if you are back, side, or stomach sleeper. Also, it is a recommendation from many doctors to take the initiative. To do so, fully research and master the knowledge behind what kind of pillow you need for your back pain. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide has given you the help you are looking for. Now, when it comes to choosing your perfect pillow you should be more than ready!

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