Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones Specs & Review

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones Battery
Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones Battery

The Jaybird’s Tarah Wireless headphones provide you with a unique experience. Listen to all your favorite songs in the best quality and at a great value for your money.

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones Colors

Jaybird’s Tarah is a new addition to its 2018-19 sports headphones. These headphones have an amazing battery life and designed in a way that fits your ear without making it uncomfortable. Along with the perfect fit, the buds have magnets in them to prevent it from falling.

Features of Tarah Wireless Headphones

Jaybird’s Tarah Wireless headphones have some cool features that make it an amazing choice for you. Like mentioned earlier, the battery life is great, it offers 14 hours of battery time. Let’s look at the other details of these earphones.

Design and Style

The headphones are designed in a way that fits your ear and does not fall off even when you are running. The buds include a magnet. Also, the black cord is no stick so again, very comfortable to use. One cool feature about the cord is that it reflects at night, so if you decide you want to run at the night time it is absolutely safe to do so. It includes a small clip which, according to Jaybird is the “speed cinch”. Tarah wireless headphones are designed in a simple yet stylish way.

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones Review


Jaybird’s wireless headphones include the fast charge feature and the ability to run for longer periods in a few minutes of charge. So much so that a 10-minute charge gives 1 hour of usage.

Tarah headphones are also water-resistant being able to resist 1mm of water for 30 minutes. Its IPX7 rating is similar to the X4 version.

  • Sweatproof cord.
  • Detachable and replaceable buds.
  • Slim and lightweight controller
  • Jaybird app lets you customize the bass according to your taste.
  • Available in three different colors.


These earphones are just above the mid-range Tarah series of X4 and well below the Tarah Pro series. Priced at $100, not so much for a headphone of its quality.


In terms of performance, the sound is great and there are no complaints that we could think of while using Jaybird’s Tarah Wireless headphones. Although, the battery timing is low as compared to Tarah X4 but the quality is the same.

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones Battery

You might feel that the bass is a bit light according to your taste, but Tarah has an app through which you can enhance the bass as well.


These headphones tick almost most of the boxes, a Good design, waterproof, and good quality sound. Inline remote is handy and it also comes with a companion app to enhance the bass.


No pouch included with the headphones, the charging cable is proprietary so losing it means you won’t be able to charge the earphones.


Jaybird headphones are always well built and this one does not stand behind that. These headphones provide great audio quality, its water-resistance and no sweat features are outstanding.

Although, they lack the features of the more premium versions of the headphones by Jaybird, for its price range this one is a great pick with all that it offers.

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones

If you are an existing user of Jaybird’s headphones and have used the pro versions of JAybird, this might be a few steps back to you. But for first-time users are the ones who have been using wired headphones and want to switch from wired to wireless, this would be a great start.

A simple design, strong audio quality, extendable cord, comfortable to use, reflectors while running and the ability to adjust the bass. All of which makes it a great buy. Go to Jaybird’s website and Amazon to buy this high-quality product.

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