You Can Look Good Even With a Shaved Head – Tips To Make Bald Look Good

Bald Beard Styles
Bald Beard Styles

Looking good is not all about having a fancy hair cut, you can also look groomed in shaved head.

Whether its due to hair loss that you are getting bald or just to step up your style, getting bald saves you a lot of struggle.  Today, we are gonna share some of the best shaved head style. You can look good without paying visit to the barber shops on a regular basis. Plus you do not have to use expensive hair products to look good.

Think About The Famous Men With Shaved Their Heads

There are a lot of celebrities who look extremely cool with bald heads. The most important thing in looking good in a particular dressing is to feel good about it. You can picture those celebrities and feel good about having a shaved head. All around the Hollywood industry, the sportsman and musicians loving staying bald. 

Beard To Go Along With a Shaved Head

Is it an option to have a beard along with a bald head?  Certainly yes ! There is something unique about being bald and have beard at the same time. In my opinion the bearded look enhances a man’s personality. Specially if you are going to shave your head for the first time, you would want to avoid looking like a new born baby and for that you must keep your beard on. 

Beard With a Shaved Head

A beard will help to balance out your overall appearance.

Keep Shaving It Regularly

If you have gone bald and are planning to stay bald for a longer period of time, then it is important to regularly shave your head. To avoid the hair growing in patches on the sides and your hair outline going darker which makes you look older. You would need to keep your head smooth and avoid any untidy looks if you need to look good with a shaved head. 

How To Shave Your Head With An Electric Razor

Avoid Bald Dandruff (It’s Real!!)

Having dandruff while being bald is a possibility and it sucks to imagine a man with dandruff on a shaven head. This happens when you keep on shaving your head a lot more than you should be, making your skin dry and sensitive. 

Avoid Bald Dandruff

For this purpose it is important to use moisturizers on a daily basis so that your skin does not gets damaged and dry. 

Hit the Gym

I don’t know if you all have noticed this amazing phenomena or not, but most of the bald men who look good are bulky and have muscular physique. That’s just because it suits so much with being bald. 

Chest Hair Growing Guide

So if you do not already have enough muscles on your body, you must hit the gym soon and workout regularly. Make sure not to overdo and damage yourself , and for that you can consult a proper trainer. 

Protect Your Shaved Head From Sun

While most of our skin is exposed to the sun raise, it is not a good idea to expose your bald head to the sun. Either wear a hat while you go out (which looks great as well) or apply sun screens to avoid nasty patches of sunburn and peeling skin. 

Head Lotion For Men

The sun directly hits your head before any part of your body so it is important to keep it nice and fresh to avoid destroying your overall look. 

Shaved Your Head For The First Time? Be Confident!

As mentioned earlier, it is important to feel good about your appearance if you need to look good. Be confident with your looks and in this way your body language will be good, making your overall personality enhanced.

Stand in front of the mirror, talk to yourself, make yourself feel good about your appearance and head out with a smile on your face!


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