Razer Blackwidow Elite Chroma – Mechanical Keyboard

Razer Blackwidow Elite Chroma
Razer Blackwidow Elite Chroma

Razer users have been frustrated at the fact that for many years there have been updates and new versions of Blackwidow Elite keyboards. But none of these keyboards had any updates apart from a slight change in design. There was nothing much change to review in the previous versions. However, this time around after 2 years of the last updated version, a lot has changed. We’ve carefully performed RazerBlackwidow elite review to make sure you get best of your choices.

Razer Blackwidow Elite Chroma Razer launched Blackwidow Elite Chroma, this time they included some cool and new media keys in them that added to the quality of Razer products. 

Consistency in Design

Razer has been launching keyboards for many years, that included a slight change here and there but they stuck to their traditional design. And not to blame them, they have produced some best selling keyboards over the years. 

The wrist rest is surprisingly very comfortable. Razer has been late to add the wrist rest to their keyboards. Until 2017 they did not include a wrist rest, but when they did it was comfortable to use. The design is not new, but Blackwidow Elite’s RGB is always exciting to watch. RGB tops the elegant and elevated keycaps on the keyboard.

Razer Elite Chroma Review

The left side of the keyboard includes a USB port and 3.5mm audio jack. On the top right corner, there exist the new media controls. All of this Followed by a circular dial that is used to control lighting and volume. The dimensions of the keyboard are 17.5 x 6.5 inches and it’s not the lightest or smallest keyboard. 

Another update in the Razer Blackwidow is that they have improved the proprietary key switches. You have to choose between three different styles: loud, tactile Green; quiet, tactile Orange; and quiet, linear Yellow.

Features of Razer Blackwidow Elite

Most of the features of this keyboard are based around its physical characteristics, the new update includes a USB pass-through is fairly common in premium keyboards, but the audio pass-through is something unique and new. Upon testing it worked perfectly with both gaming and non-gaming headphones. 

The lightning has been the best part of all, the keyboard looks so beautiful when it’s completely lit. You can only imagine it, that is unless you decide that you want to purchase this keyboard. 

Razer Chroma Price

One amazing feature is that you can turn every single key into a macro key. Meaning that you can add a secondary function to your keyboard keys without changing the primary function of it. 

Gaming Keyboard

This is a proper gaming keyboard designed to feature is tournaments. It’s responsive and helps in gaming by giving you a quick response and speed. Mechanical Switches have been included as the new standard for all mechanical gaming keyboards since their introduction. 

Lighting Effect

So you might be wondering that we have already mentioned the lighting. But the point is that Blackwidow’s lighting feature is worth mentioning again and again. The keyboard looks stunning when it is lit up. 

Razer Blackwidow Chroma Specs

Even it changes the color based upon the games. For example: in overwatch when you select a character, the lights of the keyboard change according the color of that particular character. 

Summarizing the Razer Blackwidow Elite Chroma 

The keyboard is solidly built, the lights and new media buttons are the prominent features in this version of Razer keyboards. It further changed its wrist rest and to some good extent, they have removed the lights from the hand rest which is a good thing as it freed up some space for the USB ports. Mechanical switches have a nicer feel. But it’s on the higher side in terms of pricing at $170 which is high as compared to its competitors. However, being one the top names in the manufacturing of gaming keyboards you have got to try Blackwidow elite. 

You can buy this keyboard from Amazon

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