Gillette Fusion 5 Reviews

gillette fusion 5 reviews
gillette fusion 5 reviews

The Gillette Fusion 5 razor blades are designed for the removal of beard hair and stubble from the faces of men. These blades are reportedly some of the best blades available, and we are going to take a look at them to see what makes them so good.

Gillette is a brand name that the majority of people know, and trust. They have been producing since they received a patent for their safety razor in November of 1904. The company has been producing the Fusion 5 series of razors and blades since 2006.

Features of the Gillette Fusion 5 Razor Blades

Gillette Fusion5 Mens Razor Blades 16 Cartridge Refills
Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor Blades 16 Cartridge Refills

5 Blades

5 blades have been artfully configured in a design that allows you to get the closest possible shave. These five blades are staggered along with the razor head so they pull the hair up to an extended length and then start to cut it. As each blade crosses the hair it is cut shorter.

When you have five blades you do not have to apply as much pressure in order to cut your facial hair as close as possible. The lighter pressure means that the razor does not press as hard against the skin and causes bumps and irritations.

When you shave you normally go over one area more than once in an attempt to get all of the hairs shaved down to the same length. Other razor blades do not cut all of the hair at the same time, and sometimes you have to use the blade on area three or more times before the shave is perfect.

Fusion 5 provides you with five blades so, in essence, it is like you are covering an area of your face five times. Only the five blades are covering the area one time and cutting away hair in the equivalent of five strokes.

More hair is completely removed with one stroke of the blade so you finish faster, and you have less irritation of the skin. Your morning shave routine takes less time and you are less likely to dread this morning ritual.

The result is ultimately smooth skin and longer periods of time between shaves. These five blades are also capable of providing you a close shave for a period of about one month with normal usage.

Lubrication Strip

One of the top features of these razor blades is their lubricating strip. This strip helps the blades to move smoothly across your skin cutting the hair as closely as possible. The lubrication of the strip helps the razor to cut close without letting it cause irritation to the skin.

A lot of razors have lubricating strips, but the Gillette Fusion 5 razor blades have strips that fade in color so you can tell when the blade is getting dull and needs replacing. The strip is blue color and as you use the blade the strip becomes lighter until it can appear to be white.

These strips are designed to reduce the friction of the razorblade as it crosses your skin. The skin can be lubricated using water, and shave gels and foams. The lubrication strip on these blades is designed to stop you from having to use messy foams or gels, and still allow you to have a comfortable shave that is not irritating and causes very little friction on your skin.

The strip contains Polyethylene Glycols that are emitted from the strip onto your face before the blades come in contact with your skin. The Polyethylene Glycols swell up when they are exposed to water. They work a little like a sponge. The Polyethylene Glycols absorbs the water and swells out so that it covers your facial skin and protects you from the friction that a dry razor can create.

These Polyethylene Glycols are more effective than shaving cream because once you have gone over a facial area that was prepared with shaving cream you wipe away the cream leaving the skin unprotected from the friction. The strip contains the Polyethylene Glycols and is positioned on the razor before the blades so each time you go over an area the skip containing the Polyethylene Glycols goes before the razors and creates protection and reduction in friction.

Precision Trimmer

On the back of the Fusion 5, there is a precision trimmer. The precision trimmer is perfect for cutting hair in places that are hard to access with a full-size razor head, like under your nose, and on your sideburn.

The area just beneath your nose is very sensitive. Cutting the hair aw3ay from this area is hard to do with traditional razors. You end up pulling and pushing at your nose in an attempt to get the razor in a position to cut the hair.

The trimmer is slim and designed to fit into the tight area so that you get the perfect shave without having to contort your face or reposition the razor multiple times.


  • Provides a more complete shave 
  • Blades only need changing about once a month
  • The lubricating strip is also an indicator of when to change the blades because it fades a little each time you use it
  • Requires less pressure to cut the hair 
  • Creates a comfortable shave in fewer strokes of the razor so it saves you time and pain
  • Reduces the possibility of skin irritation commonly called “razor rash”


  • Only fits the Fusion Razors
  • Cost slightly more than single blades

Final Notes

Getting a close shave is very important. If you take the time to shave then you want to get the closest shave. Most of the time when you try to get a very close shave you irritate your skin, cause your face to turn red, and get a wicked case of razor rash.

Should You Buy It?

Should You Buy It?
89 100 0 1
A big YES! The technology used to create the Gillette Fusion 5 blades has virtually eliminated razor rash and irritation because when you shave with this razor you do not have to press the razor so firmly against your skin.
A big YES! The technology used to create the Gillette Fusion 5 blades has virtually eliminated razor rash and irritation because when you shave with this razor you do not have to press the razor so firmly against your skin.
Total Score
Gillette Fusion5 Mens Razor Blades 16 Cartridge Refills
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