How to Pluck Your Eyebrows Naturally!

How To Pluck Natural Looking Eyebrows
How To Pluck Natural Looking Eyebrows

Do you find yourself ever wondering how to achieve the look of perfectly natural eyebrows? As a result, have you put yourself in a position watching yourself grimace as you try to even out an eyebrow shaping massacre? This article may be for you if you just want your eyebrows to be tame and natural-looking. Keep on reading through this article to learn about how to pluck your eyebrows naturally. You will learn some professional tips and tricks along your path to getting the eyebrows you desire.

Stage #1: Washing Your Face

You Need to Wash Your Face Before Plucking
Washing your face is an essential part of how to get your eyebrows looking great!

Phase one in learning how to pluck your eyebrows is cleaning your skin first. Without pre-washing your face, you risk getting an infection, in-grown hairs, and even pimples! Face washing before plucking your eyebrows is crucial to avoid blemishes afterward. Hence, here is a quick tutorial on how to properly wash your face. 

  1. Pat face with warm water.
  2. Lather your favorite soap on in circular motions.
  3. Use your hands to spread the lather into your pores. You can deeply reach within your pores. Accomplish deep pore cleaning by making counter-clockwise as well as clockwise hand motions across your face with the suds.
  4. Close your eyes and splash warm water all over your face until the last suds go away.
  5. At this point, splashing your face with cold water will close off your pores again.
  6. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel.

Stage #2: How to Trim Your Eyebrow Shape

Manicure Scissors for Eyebrows
You need manicure scissors to pluck eyebrows.

The next phase is trimming the initial shape of your eyebrows. Be sure to take into account the natural form of your eyebrow line. Is your eyebrow’s actual arch shape curvy or angular? Take these things into consideration because once you trim, you can not go back!

  1. Using an eyebrow brush or dry toothbrush, brush your eyebrow hairs directly upwards.
  2. Notice how your eyebrows have a thick covering of follicles over what is usually paler skin? Using eyebrow or manicure scissors, try to trim in one fluid curve motion along the border of your eyebrow lines. It should only take a snip or two to get the main shape correctly.
  3. Repeat the same actions only vice versa. Brush in a downward direction and get trim the unruly hairs with just one fell swoop.
  4. Next, using the brow brush and scissors, get the longer stragglers. Ignore the shorter hairs that will appear. Brush your eyebrows back to normal because we will destroy these stubbly hairs in the next stage. 

Stage #3: How to Tweeze Eyebrows Properly

Certain Tweezers Work Best for Plucking
Certain types of tweezers work best for different people.

Literally, pluck your eyebrows one at a time if you are a beginner at this. Otherwise, you will find the final shaping of them to be quite hard. My personal recommendation is to do the middle of your eyebrow line first. Then, use this as a baseline to start the finalizing of the two brows. On that note, the next bit of text will teach you how to handle a tweezer properly. Use this tutorial to get rid of the access of short hairs around your eyebrows.

  1. When you are tweezing, ensure you have a sturdy grip on the root of the hair. However, do not harm the surrounding skin.
  2. Tweezing is almost like a flicking sort of motion. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid in-grown hairs.
  3. Determine which direction your eyebrow hair is growing in can be hard. Refer to where the end of the hair is pointing and pull in that direction.
  4. Go as slow as you need to prevent any unfortunate injuries from occurring as a result of speeding.
  5. Make sure you use good lighting to get all of the access stubble off of your eyebrow region.
  6. Pay attention to the middle and ending part of your eyebrows.

Stage #4: Finishing Up How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

How to Pluck Your Eyebrows Results 1
Learning how to pluck your own eyebrows is liberating!

Now its time to finish up the eyebrow plucking process. Start by cleansing your face once more to remove any lingering hairs. Also, these actions will prevent infection from happening. Then use your brow brush to check over your eyebrows for any errors. If there are, hopefully, the last two tutorials above will help you out. 

That is How You Pluck Your Eyebrows

How To Pluck Natural Looking Eyebrows for Real
The secrets on how to pluck your own eyebrows are now yours!

Hence, there you have it! Eyebrows that have natural shaping! Plus, eyebrows that look great. Also, they are tame as a result of prim plucking. Additionally, all at the same time at last! This article is regarding how to pluck your eyebrows for a natural look. Proper cleanliness, correct trimming, and precise tweezing are all apart of the art of proper plucking! Now that you know what to do, you should not have any more issues with unruly eyebrows!


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