Mouth-Watering Street Foods in Pakistan – Do Not Miss Out on These!

Best Street Foods In Pakistan
Best Street Foods In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of diversities. Consisting of different provinces, different languages, and most importantly different foods. Moreover, Street foods in Pakistan is famous.  

A visit to Pakistan is not complete without trying out the street food there. Simply put, any city you go will have its specialty that is as amazing as the other one. Let’s waste no more time and start listing the amazing street foods you can only find in Pakistan. 

Street Foods in Pakistan

Although Pakistan has several restaurants selling all kinds of cuisine. Despite that, the taste and aroma of the street food are something unique and something that would be a great experience for your taste buds. 

#1 Bun Kabab (One of The Most Popular Pakistani Food)

Bun kabab is an amazing food in Pakistan. The desi version of a burger is made from a meat patty with two buns covering it. Inside the two buns is chatni made from green chili and coriander. Along with that onions, cucumber, tomato, and cole-slaw are added inside the bun making it taste mouthwatering. No matter where you go, you can find this delicious recipe all over the country with street hawkers selling it at almost every corner of every street.

Bun Kabab Pakistan

#2 Chaat

Chaat A mixture of different sauces and chickpeas. At times the mixture is added to boiled potatoes as well. When you go to the street hawker, make sure you ask for extra spice so that you get to enjoy the delicious recipe from the streets of Pakistan. 

Chaat In Pakistan

#3 Gol Gappay

This is something you will find kept next to the chaat. Apart from being delicious, this snack is fun to eat as well. Moreover, this is another street food to have alongside a bowl of chatni. Simply grab a ‘Gol Gappa’ dip it into the chatni (sauce) and your next mission is to keep that full gol gappa in your mouth before it drips down. Fun! isn’t it?

Gol Gappay In Pakistan

#4 French Fries 

I know you are surprised to see french fries in this list. However, it is a must-add in this list as the french fries in Pakistan is something unique and simply amazing to eat. As mentioned about the bun kababs, these fries are available on every corner of the street. These street made fries are nothing like the fries you eat at McDonald’s or KFC. When the fried potato is sprinkled with Chaat Masala, it sends mouthwatering aroma your way.

French Fries in Pakistan

#5 Maakai

Who would believe that roasted corn could taste so delicious? A mixture of lemon and Chaat masala over the roasted corn makes a cheap and delicious snack for you. 

Maakai in Pakistan

#6 Samosa 

You can have this amazing street food with potato or even meat. They are traditionally stuffed with spice-laden minced meat or potatoes. Deep-fried and crispy, they are made for dunking in yogurt or coriander chatni. 

Samosa in Pakistan

#7 Faluda

Enough with the spicy stuff, this cold and sweet is the only thing you need on a hot and sunny day. One glass of Faluda is quite heavy, with cream, dry fruits, jelly, and fruits mixed with some ice cream is enough to fill you up for the next few hours. 

Faluda in Pakistan

#8 Kulfi

You must have heard of ice creams, this is quite similar. Kulfi is Pakistan’s version of the popsicle. With less emphasis on cream and more on local flavors like mango, pistachio, and almonds, it’s a refreshing end to oil-rich food.

Kulfi in Pakistan

The List of Street Foods in Pakistan is Never-Ending

Similarly, there is a never-ending list of delicious street foods that I can continue naming food after food and you can keep on drooling by imagining how these dishes would taste. However, the best thing about the mentioned list is that these street foods are not only delicious, but they are cheap as well. 


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